Possible Reasons for Children’s Declining Skills essay

Political influences pressure educators to create kindergarten speed reading machines. Kids are simply flat out not interested in reading. Reading skill’s motivation increases temporarily. Students today discover reading skills of the past are not necessary. These same influences pressuring teachers to teach, compete for and are winning, kid’s over. Entertainment and pleasure young customers demand eliminates use for excellent reading skills.

Technology flying off shelves manipulates children’s thinking patterns. Upcoming youth today have fewer advantages to spending time reading. Endless television programs, electronic games, talking toys entertain children beyond any human teacher’s ability. Technology suppresses logic and analyzing skills. Bright colors, talking voices on their level, and other psychological exciting techniques effortlessly consume children’s attention for hours on end.

Educators teaching reading skills are just not as exciting as simple electronic games, toys and televisions providing entertainment with popping chips, disks, tapes in and pushing buttons. Reading consumes too much time. Sophisticated toys lighting, glittering, sparkling computer and television screens replaced finger painting, cardboard boxes and outdoors toys kids invented. Children created their own toys. Toys created with children’s imagination developed logic and cognitive skills.

Logic and cognitive skills coordinated memory retention and comprehensive reading skills. Consequently, definition of reading changed. Years ago, high school graduates reading capacity tested at seventh grade levels. Today and future graduates are testing below seventh grade level. Student’s mental capacity to retain information has not changed. Teachers continue to possess teaching potential. Different aspects of learning requiring reading skills were developed in the child’s mind since birth. Methods testing reading skills stayed the same.