Possible Disadvantages essay




Cellphone usage while driving poses great harm many road users. Thesedevices cause distraction and are recognized as one of the major roadaccidents causes. We have seen that it is a common thing for mostdrivers to pick up a ringing phone or even send and reply tomessages. Since this is a major issue, several solutions have beenproposed to curb this problem of using phones will driving. Whilethese solutions may prove advantageous, they also may have severaldisadvantages. There are always two sides to a coin and so do thesesolutions, they may be very beneficial, but they do have severaldisadvantages.

Oneof the proposed solutions to help address this problem is the use oftechnology such as GPS, to block mobile use when driving. Thistechnology may prove helpful in preventing the distraction ofdrivers. It would disable the ability to text, or any other phone usewhile driving except emergency numbers such as 911. One such exampleis the Cellcontrol app as showed in the figures below:

Figure1 figure2


TheCellcontrol app is quite a good solution to curb drivers from makingand receiving calls or sending and receiving messages while driving.One disadvantage of this app is that it only acts as a self-controltool. Once one fully learns how to control it, its advantages startfading away. The settings of this system enable the users to blockall phone numbers in one`s phone book while driving, but one can alsounblock some numbers, for example, your family members and closestfriends. These are exactly the type of contacts people talk with forhours over the phone. In this case, this app just becomes useless.

Thistechnology also uses GPS, therefore, may be able to give outinformation of peoples’ whereabouts. This technology is alocation-based service and poses great threats to a person’slocational privacy. This technology is at the risk of building apervasive tracking system, and most drivers would not be comfortablewith their movements being tracked. The fact that driving around withthis technology is like driving around or walking around with abeacon that transmits a person’s location, is a great disadvantage.In fact, companies can be able to determine the owner of everyhandset. This technology provides location-based services such asGoogle maps and collects location data to provide the service itprovides. Thus, the issue of location privacy is a disadvantage.

Inconclusion, cell phones have become very common in our cars today,and more than two-thirds of drivers use mobile phones while driving.Drivers should be more aware of the dangerous effects of cell phoneuse while driving. These solutions should be enacted and adhered todespite their disadvantages. One needs to figure out which is moreimportant, their lives or the disadvantages brought about by thesemeasures.


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