Positions on Health Care essay


Positionson Health Care



Sanders believes that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) needs to beenhanced so as to improve the rates of insurance coverage. He alsoholds that Medicaid has to be expanded and improved the U.S. Medicarefor all must also be expanded through the implementation of asingle-payer system. The unprecedented success of the single-payersystem in many countries such as Canada proves that the U.S. can alsobenefit from such a system. In fact, installing the single-payerframework would save the country over $500 billion per year(feelthebern.org).

Sanders disapproves the use of income levels to determine therecipients of mental health care. All Americans were entitled tomental health services at whatever facility they chose. Furthermore,he holds that eliminating fraud and regulating costs of drugs canhelp to promote innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Withregards to nutrition, Sanders opposes the reduction of food andnutrition programs. The provision of Supplementary NutritionAssistance Program (SNAP) should be availed to individuals worthy ofsuch assistance (feelthebern.org).


Trump favors the annulment of the Obamacare since he cherishes thepersonal decision to purchase health insurance. The Affordable CareAct has led to higher premiums, fewer choices, less competition,rationing of health care, and increased costs. Trump champions theinterstate sale of health insurance so as to increase competition andreduce costs of insurance (donaldjtrump.com). Granted, the plan mustadhere to the requirements of the particular state. Individualsshould be allowed to submit their tax returns after deducting theirinsurance premiums. The U.S. Congress would have little difficulty inimplementing such a directive since a similar allowance has been madefor the sake of businesses. Medicaid should also be reviewed so as toprovide options to Americans (donaldjtrump.com).

Also, Trump believes that people should be allowed to utilize HealthSavings Account (HSAs). Such accounts would allow for tax-free,cumulative contributions that enhance security and flexibility.Health care providers such as clinics, doctors, and hospitals shouldbe required to reveal their prices. Subsequently, individuals wouldexploit the price transparency so as to compare prices forprocedures, examinations, and drugs (donaldjtrump.com). Trumpproposes the complete removal of Federal oversight from the Medicaidprogram. In this regard, state governments would be responsible forusing local circumstances so as to inform the daily decisions onadministration. Congress should also allow the importation ofhigh-quality drugs into the country so as to provide consumers withmore choices. Mental health institutions and programs also need to beoverhauled so as to provide families with tools that can be used tohelp their loved ones (donaldjtrump.com).


Clinton seeks to not only maintain the Affordable Care Act but alsoto enhance it so as to reduce the increase in miscellaneous medicalcosts. In this respect, she will reduce the cost of health insurancepremiums. Clinton also favors the reduction of deductibles and copays(hillaryclinton.com). She also supports the use of incentive so as toencourage State governments to expand Medicaid. Enrollment inMedicaid will be enhanced by using outreach activities such asadvertisements and navigators. Also, immigration status should not beused as a reason to limit the access to health care(hillaryclinton.com).

Clinton favors the establishment of a public option so as to increasethe choices of coverage. Implementing a public option in variousstates would also help to reduce costs. She aims to improve access tohigh-quality, affordable health services for all Americans. She alsoseeks to regulate the prices of prescription drugs so as to preventagainst consumer exploitation. Pharmaceutical companies also need tobe held accountable for their oppressive actions. In this respect,increases in profits and market share have to be explained byimproved research and development rather than hiked prices(hillaryclinton.com).

Clinton seeks to increase the level of access to female reproductivehealth care. She aims to end restrictive agreements such as the HydeAmendment. She also highlights the merits of safe, legal abortions.Contraceptive methods should also be used to guard against unplannedpregnancies. Clinton recognizes the plight of rural Americans, wholack affordable health care services. She desires to broaden thecoverage of health care providers with regards to telehealth(hillaryclinton.com). Licensing procedures for telehealth also needto be streamlined so as to expand the scope of telemedicine andreimbursement. The American health care system also needs to berevamped so as to improve quality care and value(hillaryclinton.com). The savings derived from implementing reformsshould be used to benefit large corporations, drug companies, andinsurance companies.

Current legislative practices limit the number of services eligiblefor reimbursement. Therefore, Clinton seeks to reform suchlegislations so as to ensure that more Americans benefit fromstate-funded health care programs. Also, she seeks to increase thenumber of providers of telehealth across the country(hillaryclinton.com). The deployment of Advanced Practice RegisteredNurses (APRNs) is also limited to a handful of states. Clintonpurposes to build a national platform that commissions APRNs in ruralareas where mainstream doctors would struggle to thrive.


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