Portfolio Introduction essay



Literatureis an exciting field of art that helps individuals and students likeus to express our thoughts in a profound way that other ordinaryindividuals cannot. Notably, it is the works of literature that spiceup a reading of a book, how the author has creatively planned hiswords and how the writer has expressed himself or herself. It helpsin putting artistic beauty in writing due to the use of variouslanguage styles.

Throughoutthe course, I’ve majored in English literature, and consequently,learned a lot especially through writing where I’ve improved mymastery of the literary works and also writing. Writing in literatureinvolves proper positioning of words in a sentence so that they canmake sense to a reader to ensure that when a person is reading aboutone literal work can comprehend the topic. It depends on one`screativity and imagination to put up a story that captures a reader’smind.

Inmy study, I have also understood the basic tenets that are necessaryfor literature and writing which are critical in ensuring that anauthor keeps the readers on the edge of their seats while reading andalso in plays which helps them in creating humor in the book.Literature also brings about a modification of the peoples’ beliefsand thoughts through the expression of content and style. Greatauthors in the history of the world such as Shakespeare, Confucious,and Krishna were able to do that. Besides, I have learned about thebasic structure of a beautiful story in the literature which includesplot, character, and description.

Theplot in the works of literature signifies the core plan of a storyand refers to the problem, person, and solution. It also shows howthe problems and obstacles came about and the outcome at the end ofthe story. Secondly, I learned that a character is the development ofa person in a written work. It helps a reader to visualize theactivities in the works of literature through their thinking,speaking, and actions in the story. Description in literature worksmeans the sensory details regarding the character and the actions ofthe character in the story. The use of various literature symbolssuch as metaphor helps individuals to visualize the person in thestory.

Itis also important to note that through the subject WR150, I hadrefined and improved my writing skills which were dismal when Ijoined the class, but currently I’ve worked hard with the help ofthe tutor and fellow students. Soon I will be majoring in poetrywhere I’ll focus my energy both academically and also in myprofessional goals.

Inthe revision materials provided, I have been able to improve mywriting and literature skills. I have been attending the Writer’sStudio to learn more about writing and how to perfect the writingmyself. Therefore, I can sum up my experience in the WR 150 class asvery informative besides being an exciting experience.

Throughthe example of the devil and how it has been used in literature, Iwas able to learn that words can be used to represent differentmeanings depending on the writing context. I have learned the use ofsymbols and metaphor that are important in bringing out the cleardescription of a character.