Pop Culture Nonverbal Research Assignment essay


PopCulture Nonverbal Research Assignment

Inthis essay, I have studied how nonverbal communication can sendmessages opposite to what the person is saying. This essay willanalyze in details the claims of the article titled “Not-so-silentcommunication We`re sending nonverbal cues all the time. But are theyhelping or hurting?” and how they are supported by the findings ofthe two research journal articles compared to what is presented inthe pop culture article.

Accordingto the article on the Chicagotribunetitled ‘Not-so-silent communication We`re sending nonverbal cuesall the time. But are they helping or hurting?’ by Jen Weigel, evenin interviews, some specific nonverbal cues make a great impact onthe decision of the interviewer (Weigel, 2013). According to thearticle, we have to ensure that our actions, such as handshake andpursing lips as we talk, do not affect the information we are passingacross. When information is misinterpreted, it may be viewed as liesor non confident. They eye contact is important as well as the voiceshould always remain firm.

Inaddition, according to Theresa Zagnoli, CEO of ZagnoliMcEvoy FoleyLLC who was interviewed by Weigel, the human touch as well isimportant may make someone look friendly or disliked by some peoplewho do not like being touched. According to the article, it isimportant to get feedback from friends and family to tell you if theposture is bad whether you are frightening people or you appear asunconfident (Weigel, 2013). Finally, one is supposed to not be theirown judge and not make the conclusions. We should face any nonverbalcues with an open mind.

Accordingto my first peer reviewed journal article, titled “Effects ofnonverbal cues and verbal first impression in unstructured andsituational interview settings” , the article by Weigel is right asfirst impressions are key to judging the individual. The nonverbalbehavior is also important and affects the judgment of theinterviewer. Eye contact greatly affects the ratings of candidatesmaking the top three of the determinants (McShane, 1990). Smilingalso makes one look friendly compared to a neutral or frowning face,with also the handshake and general body posture key in determiningsuccess in the interview. Therefore, one should be careful how theyappear before the interviewer.

Becauseinterviewers use nonverbal cues to grade the applicants, intervieweesmust try to use nonverbal communication to ensure they impress theinterviewers (Gifford, Ng, &amp Wilkinson, 1985). This is accordingto my second peer reviewed journal article by Rebecca Vickers titled“Nonverbal Communication in the Employment Interview: GenderDifferences in Impression Management Techniques” (Gifford, Ng, &ampWilkinson, 1985). An individual should try to show a specific imagewhich is desired by the organization. Failure to show that image willresult in no job. The way one behaves in interviews is used to judgeif whatever a person is saying is of value or not. It is also used todeice if the information being given is truthful and should be reliedupon or not. According to this article, one should not lower eyes,should have steady hands and feet, and should move purposefully(Gifford, Ng, &amp Wilkinson, 1985). However, this article differsto what Weigel found out as it recommends one to have self-managementand decide what role to take when meeting people of different ranks.


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