Political, Social, and Sociocultural Influences on women`s Health essay

Political,Social, and Sociocultural Influences on women’s Health

Theimpact of political, social, and sociocultural factors on abortionrange from the existing precepts attributed to the way people liveand how women have been viewed in relation to these factors. Thesefactors play a significant role in determining the perception ofabortion in the society. Some of the factors that influence abortioninclude age, religious affiliation, social class and religion (Luker,2008).

Thelegalization of abortion in some countries has led to the increasedincidences of women participating in this act more than before. Thenon-legalization of abortion in most countries has been the mainreason why there have been rampant cases of death among women(Stotland,1998). The effect of these political factors has increased cases ofabortion or reduction, in cases where it has been prohibited. Thesocial factors that affect abortion are mostly tied on the genderethics within the society. Additionally, sociocultural factors thatinfluence abortion include religion, economic status, and values ofthe society (Baumgardner,2008). Most religions prohibit abortion because it is viewed as aform of killing. However, in some instances, the economic statussometimes promote abortion because some royal families are allowed toengage in abortion especially, when a child is born out of wedlock(Podell,1990).

Theperception of different providers towards abortion affects how theycare for women. The view of religious leaders towards abortion is nottolerated because it is considered as a sin towards religion. Theperception of health workers towards abortion however is differentfrom the religious workers. Since abortion is viewed as a normalhealth condition, most health workers are always willing to helpwomen who have aborted.


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