Political Participation essay

Let me take this opportunity to write a message for you to know my thoughts regarding political matters. I am aware that your message to your constituents is to use every opportunity including crisis situations to rise above the political problems experienced nowadays. You also stressed that the goal of the government must be long-term in order to lay a foundation for the future of the people in California.

There is no doubt that your heart is set for the economic, social, cultural, and political improvement of your people in California. With that, I would like to know the means by which the government could solve problems such as inefficiency of the government, abuse of taxpayer through corruption, and as well as budget deficits. How are you going to lead the state in order to achieve a reformation of state government?

What are your long-term goals for the benefit of the state of California and its people? These questions are vital for me because I am concerned of our economic and political status. Thank you very much. Respectfully yours, Name of Student


Governor of California Website. 2009. Reforming State Government. Retrieved July 23, 2009, from http://gov. ca. gov/issue/state-budget/