Poetic Poetic essay




Essentially,poetic refers to the capability and possession of qualities ofpoetry. A poet utilizes rhetorical skills to express ideas to anaudience. Poetry is a field in literature where one uses rhythmicfeatures of a language, including, symbolism and phonaesthetics torelay hidden meanings and ideas. Being poetic is not easy, as onerequires skills that can manipulate language in an aesthetic manner.Songs, drama, and comedy are also used to express poetry. At times,it has a sense of repetition and rhyming to emphasize certain ideas.Poetic also involves an element of creativity hence, it requires theaudience to take a keen look at the hidden meaning and ideas.

Poetryevokes specific emotions due to the differential interpretation ofwords. Some of the devices used in poetry include rhythm, assonance,and alliteration among others. Often, the field is meant to achieveparticular musical effects. Elements, such as ambiguity, irony, andsymbolism, used in poetry leaves the audience with multipleinterpretations. Similarly, figures of speech, such as simile andmetaphor, help in creating connections and resonance. Poetic can besaid to be a style that allows expression of ideas in a rhetoricaland symbolic manner. It reflects the usage of language in anintelligent way to create a literary effect. Utilization ofrhetorical, symbolism, and irony allows creativity therefore, makingarticles interesting and heuristic to an audience.

Beingpoetic is crucial when developing an editorial because the style ofexpression makes an article readable and entertaining to theaudience. Metaphor, for instance, is one of the rhetorical skillsthat gives the listeners additional information, as well as, invokesemotions (Taylor, 1998). Creativity in poetry using stylisticelements and sound symbolism helps in capturing the attention of theaudience. It also allows the audience to have varied interpretations,as well as, get the connections towards the hidden meaning. Thefollowing sentence is a good example that can reflect the usage ofmetaphor in poetry. I ‘Justlike what Mary Oliver does in Farm Country, Maybe you think life ischicken soup, served in blue willow-pattern bowls’.The sentence insinuates that the family is wealthy and enjoys a goodlife. It not only offers a literal meaning but also allows theaudience to feel and imagine life in such a setting. As such, weobserve that metaphors make an article comprehensible, as well as,invoke emotions. If the author wrote, ‘Lifeis warm and substantial,`the poem would have been dull and devoid of hidden meaning.

Moreover,poetic requires the author to write an interesting piece that doesnot speak directly about the intended meaning. It is supposed toleave space for the interpretation of the audience. We need torecognize that there are no general rules in poetry, only that oneneeds to observe the elements and creativity in a poem. The knowledgegained is not restricted to educational or professional purposes.Poetic comes out as relevant in everyday life, considering, itfacilitates humans to understand themselves, their problems,emotions, and feelings as well as those of others, thus, making iteasier to deal with other people (Taylor, 1998). William Wordsworth,for instance, wrote various poems on the plight of the poor people aswell as his feelings about nature. He indicates that there is asignificant connection between romance and the physical world in hispoem, ThePrelude.

Poeticdoes not imply that an article lacks narration, or it is illogical tocommunicate to the audience. It seeks to utilize creativity andsublime with the necessarily creating the trouble of using thelogical thought process. For that reason, one can generate any formof the poem as long it speaks the ideas one wants to relay. Theapproach has been instrumental in the creation of romantic poems inthe 20th century. Nonetheless, it must be interesting to captureaudience into making multiple interpretations. It also does not meanthat an individual does not understand the correct figures and rulesof grammar, but rather, an element of creativity and art to expressideas indirectly. Poets work towards composing poems that use simplelanguage that allows audience to talk about reality to make them morerelevant (Oliver, 1994).

Inconclusion, poetic is a style of expression in the creativeliterature that allows the authors to speak in a hidden manner, usingartistic and symbolic elements. Authors use rhetorical skills tobuild a good situation to express his or her opinions and haveinteraction with the audience that can feel and understand thethoughts expressed from a critical thinking perspective, and not onlyfrom the literal meaning. The interaction with the audience iscritical, especially, for students who are learning how to write anexcellent essay. We should focus on making our style of expressionand utilize creativity to generate interesting poems. Poetry involvesimpulsive overflow of feelings that the versifier uses to create newemotions that have elements of art. It helps in influencing theimagination of an artist and a poet towards developing their literaryworks. The efforts of making poems reflect the realities of life.Furthermore, the use of a simple language known to the majority ofpeople makes poems be appreciated in the society.


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