Podemos Manifesto essay


Myname is (your name), the President of the Podemos Spanish PoliticalParty. We, as the Podemos Party, believe in redefining the peoples’welfare for the better particularly, addressing the economic malaisein order to improve the economy system. We, as the Podemos Party,would like to plea to all citizens to vote for us in the upcomingNational Elections. This is because there is need to improve thedrastic economy change brought by the sudden significant cuts thatSpain, as a nation, has suffered intolerably.

Ifelected we will see to it that the following objectives are met:

  1. Promoting close working relationship across the government agencies and financial structural incentives such as joint funding. This is important because it will promote good relations in the political and economic sectors. Hopefully, this should be achieved within the first six months of being in office in order to facilitate easier running of activities

  2. Advocating for economic status awareness. This will be achieved by providing a comprehensive and proactive approach in order to communicate the economic issues being faced. This is important because this field require individuals who are able to manage risks and monitor every day to day activities. The goal of this campaign is to educate citizens on various stages in an economy crisis and to inform them on ways that they can participate in order to enable the economy to grow

  3. Promoting economic recovery. We will achieve this by providing a funding model for practiced crisis. Additionally, it would be important to enhance control against tax avoidance by organizations and corporations. This is important as it will reduce flexibility in evolving situations.

Please,I appeal to you all citizens, make sure that you go out and votebecause Spain’s future lies in your hands. It is you to make ithappen and through you we will be able to achieve this change that wehave all been longing for. Thank you.