Please discuss why your academic performance has not been satisfactory essay

Please discuss why your academic performance has not beensatisfactory in the past

The major contributor to my unsatisfactory performance was the wrongcourse selection. I know I should have sought the services of acareer advisor prior to selecting my course but I made the mistake ofassuming that actuarial science was more or less statistics. Now thatI have learned my lesson, I am requesting a second chance instatistics.

The contribution of personal problems cannot be ignored. During thelast week of the semester, I was terminally ill. I was almost callingoff the semester, but then I thought to myself that four months’worth of effort would go to waste. I decided to soldier on despite mycondition. Now that I think about it, I admit that I might have madea mistake. In addition, my aunt with whom I live with was very illfor the better part of the semester. The issue has been eating me upall along because we are very close. I could not sleep peacefully orstudy well. I am well aware that my reasons are personal, but theyaffected my performance because I had no control over them.

Please propose action plan/strategies to address your pastacademic performance

I have decided to work harder in the next semester. If given thechance, I will dedicate more hours to studying statistics and doinggroup work with my classmates. I have also made plans to change mymajor to something that I have interest in- statistics. Afterlearning my lesson on the effects of selecting the wrong major, Ihave made a promise to myself to consult always before making majorcareer decisions. Since my aunt is recuperating now, I will not haveto worry about her illness during the next semester.

If your request for reinstatement is denied, what do you planto do during your period of recess?

In the event that my request for reinstatement is not approved, Iwill go back to China to sharpen my skills in English andmathematics.