PICOT essay

Nameof Student


Componentsof Picot included in this study

(P) Population of Focus (children,5-10 years of age)

(I) Intervention (thisis what you are going to propose as a practice change – in detail)

(C) Comparison (thisis your control group – those that will not receive the practicechange)

(O) Outcome (whatyou believe will occur)

(T) Time (thisis generally the time period that you will conduct your study –usually over a 12 month period)


Forchildren between the ages of 5-10 years who are currently undergoinghospitalization(P), and at the same time receiving I.V antibioticstherapy(I), would the initiation of soap and water hand washingprecautions in addition to the use of hand sanitizers at theinitiation of antibiotic therapy, instead of at the time of confirmedClostridium difficile infection (C), decrease the prevalence ofClostridium defficile infection in the overall population ofhospitalized patients(O) over a 12 month period(T).


O`Neal,C. M., Rizk, R., &amp Khalil, M. (2011). Clostridiumdifficile: A patient`s guide.Tustin, CA: Inner Workings Press.