Phd Program on Integrative Biosciences Admission Essay essay

Persistence, curiosity and the necessary stubbornness of looking and unwillingness to accept conventional answers- that devotion to science as pure and as a means to help humanity are the characteristics that will motivates me to become a scientist and strive to specialize and excel in the field. Science has been an integral part of me since I was young- pursuing, devoting, focusing and excelling in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics.

While some of my peers were unsure of their career paths, at a tender age I knew I wanted to be a scientist- one that would give something useful to humanity. Hence, after completing my undergraduate studies in biology, I pursued an M. S. in biology at Tuskegee University believing that the program and the school would hone me to be the best scientist I can be. Knowing fully well that a good scientist is also a well-rounded individual that enjoys intellectual discussions, I became a teacher assistant for undergraduate biology courses.

This experience made me relish to join the academe and teach as well as conduct research studies that seeks to alleviate health disparities in cancer, heart disease and diabetes. While these controllable health problems afflict millions of people in the world, gaps still remain as to the effectiveness of treatment and medications available. This program entails much more than the willingness to study but also demands the passion, readiness and capabilities in order to survive the rigorous course.

Being aware of the intricacies and complexity of the Integrative Biosciences doctorate program, I have prepared by taking up courses in integrative biochemistry, biostatistics, and ethics in research and cancer biology. Having been exposed to these subjects, the challenge of finding nanoparticles that contain anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of cancer interests me the most.

Though the primary goal may be difficult and hard to achieve, my vast experience in research and my persistence to practice techniques in finding solution to scientific problems have proved to be fruitful in my current endeavors. While other disciplines and programs can train me to become a scientist and pursue my research interests in health disparities, I have chosen the program for Integrative Biosciences because of the holistic and integrative manner by which it combines all sciences in order to address contemporary health challenges.

This is important in my practice because having a multidisciplinary training in several fields can train and give me the experience I need in order to find answers to nagging questions. Though I may not be on the top of my class, I have proven to be diligent and competent enough to be eligible for the program. My grades are above average and though it may not reflect my full capacities, I am confident that the necessary training and challenges would bring out the best in me intellectually and scientifically.

Thus, it is my goal to enter the program in order to further hone my skills and improve the skills, add to the knowledge and sharpen my abilities in order to be ready to real life scientific problems. Essentially, my application includes not just excellence in the area of intellectual capacity but also the passion and the dedication to contribute to the field of integrative sciences. This passion is also the driving force in my goal to excel and leave a legacy to the present and future humanity.