Pharmacist by profession essay

Like anyone else I too have many intentions in life. One of these is I want to have a successful business someday specifically pharmacy because I am a pharmacist by profession or any other means to earn a living so that even in my little way I can help my husband financially for our future needs and I hope through this we will be together again, he won’t be working aboard anymore. I really want to have a source of income by myself for many reasons aside from my own family I can also attend the needs of my parents if they need some financial help from me I can easily give them some.

For me having a successful career is a big achievement but if God has other plans for me so be it. 9 years ago I put up my own pharmacy but it lasted for only 1 year though the sales were good but it wasn’t that good enough to cover all the expenses especially the rent for the building, at first I thought that it will turn out right despite of the expensive rent and I thought that the sales will go up eventually but sad to say that it did not turn out that right so I had to stop.

Almost a month from that closure I engaged in a buy and sell business, I sold some jewelries through installment basis first to my friends then to my friends friend at first it was good they pay on or before the due date then some delayed their payments at first I thought they doesn’t have enough money then it came to a point that I went to their house to asked for the payment some of them paid and there were some that asked for an extension of the due date because of a certain reasons I agreed because I thought it’s better that their going to pay even delayed than not to pay at all and there were also who run away they left their debt unpaid, so I decided to stop because my supplier won’t give me stocks because of my balance. Intention 1 For the third time I engaged in another business but like the previous businesses I had it also failed. Sometimes I think that maybe I’m not that good enough to handle a business.

For 2 years after my last business I focused my attention to my family which I spent only less of my time before when I had my business, I’m thankful that despite of that they stood by me during those times that I needed them most, but after that my husband allowed me to worked in a Japanese cosmetic firm as a pharmacist for me to experienced being employed, I enjoyed my job especially the first time I got my salary, I thought it will be forever but the company has to closed due to certain reasons so I had to find another job and thanks to God he gave me one I worked as a receptionist in a medical spa for only 9 months because my husband told me I had to stop working and focus my attention in taking care of our 2 kids ages 10 and 8 because he had to leave for aboard to work because as what he said there’s a good offer there, he decided to grabbed that offer for our future and his compensation there is very good compare to what he’s earning here so I agreed with his decision because my salary is not enough to sustain our needs.

As of now while at home I engaged in some business and this time I make sure that I won’t encounter the same problem with my previous business and I learned from that experienced. I will take care of this business because it’s the only one that I have and I really prayed hard to God for this. I really need this business to be a successful one because I want my husband to come home, so that we will be together again, in order for him to come home I make it sure that my business is doing good enough to sustain all our needs for our future. That experienced I had with my previous businesses made me wiser now in choosing customer especially when it comes in installment basis and I’m sure at my age now I can manage.