Petition for Reinstatement essay


Petitionfor Reinstatement

Petitionfor Reinstatement

Towhom it may concern:

Anexplanation for unsatisfactory academic performance

Iam writing to make a petition for reinstatement at the Michigan StateUniversity. Currently, I am on an academic suspension for theforthcoming fall semester after failing to maintain the 2.0cumulative points in GPA. Although I did not find the suspension as asurprise, I was devastated when I received the news.

Ifaced three major challenges that contributed towards my pooracademic performance. The first and the most significant challenge isthe sickness that caught me during the final week of the semester.This affected my grade, since I could not handle the exams properly.Secondly, I was overconfident at the beginning of the semester. Iended-up taking many courses that were quite difficult to handle.Third, my parents pressured me to take math, while I felt interestedin the study of business related courses. The 4.0 score in EC 201 and3.5 in EC 202 indicates that I have the capacity to perform better,if I am given another chance.


Iplan to correct all the mistakes that I did and do what I failed todo in the last semester in order to harness my strengths and improvemy grade. For example, I will work harder by organizing personalstudy sessions in the mornings and evenings. I will also seek thehelp of the lecturers and students who are better than me in class inany problem that I feel might affect my academics. In addition, Iwill seek the advice of the lecturers before selecting courses. Mostimportantly, I have decided to take a major in business. This isbecause I have a passion in business, and not mathematics.

Ifmy request if denied, which is the worst case scenario, I plan to goback to China and improve my language. I will accomplish this byattending English proficiency classes. However, I am hopeful that youwill consider my humble request and give me one more chance. I willwork hard, not to meet just the standard score, but to exceed thefaculty’s expectations. Thank you in advance for taking my petitioninto consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.