Persuasive Speech for Factory Farming essay

PersuasiveSpeech for Factory Farming

Must be following this example!All things need be clearly.

Specific Purpose:To persuade the audience that factory farming is dangerous andabusive and therefore it should be banned.

Introduction:Attention Getter/Credibility: Close your eyes and step into the worldof an individual. You are born into the world where nights and daysare never constant (attention getter). You are fed three to fivetimes a day, but no one is there to nurture you. Not even those whoare very close to you. Now open your eyes, to reality.

Reason to Listen:What I have just described is one of America’s worst ghettos. Thisindividual is trapped in this environment he is your breakfast,lunch, and dinner(Marquadt 129). Today’s farms not only abuse theiranimals but also produce harmful diseases and environmental hazardsthat affect everybody regardless of whether you consume animalproducts or not.

Thesis:The U.S. government should ban factory farming and order only meatindustry to raise animals in their natural environment.

Preview:Today I will explain how factory farming gives rise to disease,ecological hazards and animal abuse. In addition, I will explain whythe U.S. government should ban factory farms and require the meatindustry to raise its animals in their natural environment. Inconclusion, I will discuss how banning factory farms will help usbetter animal products in a cleaner and healthier environment.

I. What previously used to be OldMcDonald’s farms have become factory farms, which produce disease,ecological hazards, and animal abuse.

A. Animals are abused onfactory farms (Marquadt 127)

1. Broiler chickens areoften debeaked, due to fear of cannibalism (Jasper 80).

2. Cattle are normallycastrated and dehorned without anesthetics.

3. people normally overfedGeese with steroids and grains to produce larger livers for pate(Singer 160).

B. The unhealthyenvironments created by factory farms promote the spread of manydiseases that remain in the animal products we consume (Fox 60).

1. Every year an increasingnumber of children and elderly die of food poisoning that is relatedto factory farm practices (Jasper 89).

2. Meats on the market areoften deformed or full of bad chemicals.

C. The mass production ofanimals and the resulting amount of waste creates lasting damage toour ecosystem.

1. The release of highlevels of urine and fecal matter into our lakes contributes to thecontamination of our waters, wells and topsoil.

2. The release of highlevels of methane into the atmosphere contributes to the depletion ofthe ozone layer.

Transition: The above-citedissues have become a menace that seems to lack corrective remedy.Nevertheless, there is a way that the U.S. can remedy the situation.

II. To better health standardsthe U.S. government should ban factory farms and require the meatindustry to raise its animals in their natural environment.

A. Studies show that ifanimals were raised in better conditions, their production would begreater at healthier standards.

B. Many countries inEurope adopted the Animal Protection Act of 1972 (Fox 20).

Transition: It is time for catch up and ban factory farms like other countries have done foryears. It will not only benefit the animals but also the generalpublic.

III. If factory farms are bannedwe will be able to better enjoy animal meat products in a cleaner,healthier environment.

A. Meat products will tastebetter and be more nutritious because animals will no longer beinjected with steroids and other chemicals

B. Our risk of contractingdiseases from meat products will be decreased because animals will nolonger be raised in a cramped and unsanitary environment.

C. Contamination of ourecosystem will be controlled if the amount of animal wastes releasedinto the environment is decreased.

Transition:From the illustrations cited, it goes without doubt that the food weeat has endured a lot from its birth to our dinner table.


Restate thesis/main points:Today I have told you about the cruelty of factory farming and whythe government should request the meat industry to raise animals intheir natural environments. Motivate audience: Organizations such asP.E.T.A. and the Humane Society need our help to prevent cases ofcontamination and animal cruelty from happening. If we don’t actsoon, our chances of being exposed to E.Coli or drinking frominfected waters will be greatly increased. Join many celebrities andorganizations that are pressuring the federal government efforts tostop factory farms. In the website, I have provided to get moreinformation and sign-up to help the cause. You do not have to be amember of the organization to save lives you can support them bysigning petitions to the federal government calling for legislativeaction on this issue. Support the right to a healthy life.

Closure:Let us join hands and consider the lives of animals that provide uswith our everyday nutrients. If they can’t live a healthy life, howcan we?

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