Perspectives of Dying essay

Perspectivesof Dying

Deathand afterlife are continually causing divisive arguments across manydenominations. Some people do not believe there is life after death,whereas others have faith there is life after death. Science andreligious beliefs tend to differ when it comes to life after death.Religious beliefs follow the creation story whereas science basetheir arguments on evolution. As per evolution, human beings evolvedfrom apes, and once they die, there is no resurrecting. Followingreligious beliefs, human beings were created by God, and once theydie, there is an assurance of resurrection in Jesus second coming.Some cultures believe that once people die, they resurrect in theform of other animals. For instance, if a good person dies, he/sheresurrects in the form of a bird or other likable animals. If an evilperson dies, he/she changes to a dislikable animal. Though numerousother cultural beliefs exist, biblical sentiments and science are themost common. The paper will look to elaborate on both sides and whypeople have the beliefs.

Itis only the physical body that dies, but the soul remains conscious.As per the teachings of the Bible, when one dies, his/her soul remainalive and is uplifted to the respective place. For instance, if asinner dies, the soul moves to torment as the body is buried in thegrave. On the other hand, the soul of a sinner moves to Paradise asthe body lays in the grave. On the second coming of Jesus Christ, thebody and soul will rejoin awaiting judgment. The spirits do notremain behind once a person dies. Though many cultures have thisbelief, it is not stated in the holy book. As a matter of fact, manyparables and extracts within the Bible suggest that indeed the soulleaves the body. A good example is parable of the rich man andLazarus. Once Lazarus died, he was taken up to Abraham’s bosom.When the rich man died, he was buried, and soul moved to tormentside. The parable showed that there is a significant distinctionbetween a righteous person and a wicked one. Basing my facts in theBible is firmly believe that indeed the soul and body are separatedat death, but spirits do not stay around to torment others.Additionally, during the second coming of Jesus Christ, the body andsoul will be restored to face judgment [ CITATION Cli12 l 1033 ].

Manypeople are against this belief because they do not trust the bible.The varying cultural beliefs have created a hedge between what isbiblically right and wrong. The existence of evil spirits seems toconfuse people. Additionally, the scientific approach of evolutiondetaches individuals from following what is rightly explained in theholy book. Black magic is another practice that is deeply rooted insome cultures to an extent that it supersedes religious beliefs. Somepeople are forced to appease the spirits with a notion that it maynot haunt them.

Itis a common nature for humans to fear the unknown. In that regard,they fear what happens when one dies even though it is uncertain tothem. Some cultures tend to believe spirits of the dead have to beappeased for them to stay safe. Some think that a believing spiritsexist may make them cause discomfort. Apart from thinking it isproblematic, they believe it is a taboo.


Thoughvarious assumptions have been derived on matters pertainingafterlife, the Bible remains the most trusted avenue for truth. Oncepeople die, the soul separates from the body but does not stay onearth haunting others. As stated within the holy book, on the secondcoming of Jesus, the body will resurrect and rejoined by the soulbefore facing judgment.


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