Personhood Chart essay

Thischart contains a grid for different philosophical anthropologies thatanswer the question of personhood.

Completethe following chart in the context of defining what it means to behuman according to Christianity, Materialism, and your own PersonalView. Refer to the assigned reading for explanation ofcharacteristics listed on the left.



Personal View


The Supreme Being (God) created a man and a woman and placed them in a beautiful garden. This shows that He wanted humans to live in a community filled with love, fellow feeling, and unity.

Living in a community is mandatory since people need to derive benefits from each other. This is because each individual is assumed to have a unique level of productivity (Schofield, 2015).

People have the right to choose their preferred neighbors and interactions.


Humans are made up of the body, spirit, senses, and the mind.

Humans are made of flesh, blood, and bones. Such a view precludes the significance of the immaterial soul (Schofield, 2015).

The physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person determine their overall demeanor.


God created a man and woman and decreed sexual relations between them in their married state. Therefore, sex is the preserve of a married couple for the sake of child-bearing.

Sexual relations are not limited to married couples. Consenting adults can also engage in sex as a tool for fostering love (Schofield, 2015).

Sexual relations should not be limited to child-bearing among married couples.


God has established moral laws and guidelines that all humans must respect. In this regard, behavior towards others should be guided by the impact it would have on their psyche and self-esteem.

The needs and rights of the self are more important than those of others. Therefore, each person should not only pursue but also maximize his personal interests (Schofield, 2015).

Each person should adhere to the inborn moral compass stipulated by the conscience.


The inherited, sinful nature makes all humans subject to death. Therefore, people die randomly as a result of Adamic sin.

Mortality is subjective and irregular. Therefore, people die for their personal mistakes at predetermined times (Schofield, 2015).

People die due to several reasons such as sickness and external factors. Therefore, mortality can be caused by unforeseeable, uncontrollable circumstances.

Destined for Eternal Life

Obedient humans that exercise faith in Jesus’ sacrificial death place themselves in line for eternal life.

A person’s future is predetermined and hence unrelated to their present conduct (Schofield, 2015).

Different background and upbringing provide some people with a better chance of attaining eternal life.


Schofield,R. E. (2015). Mechanism and Materialism. Princeton: PrincetonUniversity Press.

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