Personhood Chart essay

Thischart contains a grid for different philosophical anthropologies thatanswer the question of personhood.

Completethe following chart in the context of defining what it means to behuman according to Christianity, Materialism, and your own PersonalView. Refer to the assigned reading for explanation ofcharacteristics listed on the left.



Personal View


Maintaining a good relationship with fellow men and God

Keeping close those who may benefit you materially.

Doing unto others what you expect them to do to you.


Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.

No belief in the multidimensional principal.

I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


Should be between married people for the purpose of procreation

Sex is among the things that add comfort to life

Sex is between two people that love each other.


Following the commandments and teachings of the Bible

Following the law

Doing the right thing, not necessarily what the society dictates.


Anybody susceptible to death.

Everybody will die one day.

Any living soul.

Destined for Eternal Life

The righteous are destined for eternal life.

There is no life after death

There is life after death

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