Personalized Resource Management essay

PersonalizedResource Management

Thecareer chosen is Business Accounting and Business Audit. I did acareer assessment using I found out that I focus more on results and actions and is moreinterested onhowand why things work. I also learned that details such as paperworkand repetitious scheduling would feel like hurdles in progressing andproducing the work that is expected. The assessment indicated that Ihave a high level of self-confidence and that I proper more on risktaking and actions. It also stated that I like variety and freshexperiences and that I learn preeminently by doing. The results alsoshowed that I am easy-going with people, but because of anindependent and reserved nature, which I possess, people may find youdifficult to get to know or understand. I am rarely interested infollowing structured formations or modus operandi unless I considerthe benefits or incentives sufficient. I also found out that I ambetter in the search for solutions to problems, and that am better inovercoming challenges and that I am dependable in the provision ofquick and practical solutions to any problem that may arise at thework place. I have the capability to see a problem and engineer aspeedy solution.

Inten year time, I expect to have developed to a substantial level. Iplan to become a principal leader in Business accounting and businessauditing in the Deloitte Company. Being a leader requires anindividual with qualities such as risk taking, speedy problem-solvingabilities, better decision making capabilities and one who can easilyunderstand other employees and work well with them (Simeon 14).Managers are known to work in close collaboration with individuals intheir team, delegating duties to them and ensuring that they attainrelevant training to go on with their jobs. Fortunately, I possessmost of the qualities that predispose me to such a position. I willalso attain the relevant education and training to achieve properprofessionalism and expertise that will enable me to use my talentsand abilities in the best manner. Also to reach the position withinten years, I will have to get employed with different organizationsthat deal with Business Accounting and business auditing so as to getmore experience in the field. It is also through job experience thatI will be able to know the steps that one has to undergo to make abetter leader or attain a managerial position. I will also undertakea short administrative course so as to gain a better knowledge ofwhat it takes to be a better manager and to learn skills on the same.Having prior employment and training will also build on my curriculumvitae and give me an upper hand in achieving my ambitions of workingwith the Deloitte Company. The daily practice associated withbusiness accounting and business auditing greatly motivates me ontaking the jobs.

Thejobs entail solving problems and overcoming challenges in thebusiness world which are part of what am good at, and I am determinedto do. Working with Deloitte is also a prestigious chance. Althoughthe likelihood of employment is limited, a position in such a companypromises better financial benefits and security. There are alsochances of gaining proper knowledge in the fields that I envy.

Iplan to spend the next two years looking for job opportunities usingvarious methods. From statistics by the U.S. Department of Labor,about eighty percent of job positions are filled without advertisingas the employer tries to minimize costs, energy, and time. From suchstatistics, therefore, I will work hard to ensure that I apply forjobs in different agencies and offices regardless of an advert. Suchwill also give me an opportunity to meet some of the employees. Iwill also try and attend various forums and seminars on Businessaccounting and business auditing. Through the workshops and otherforums that focus on business accounting and auditing, I will be ableto create personal networks with other persons already in the field,share my personalities and ambitions and through such, I might beable to get an opportunity to practice in a business firm, corporateor institution. I also plan to use the internet as a source ofinformation on available opportunities. The Internet is a vastinformation hub, and most companies utilize this to advertise for jobopportunities and it is also on the web that I will acquire greaterinformation on what it takes to be where I aspire to be in the nextfew years (Simeon 15). I also plan on using multiple job searchmethods. Through such, I will be able to get a job opportunity fasterthan individuals who use one or two methods to look for jobs. I will,therefore, create a list of organizations that I am interested inworking for, doing some basic research on these companies or agenciesso as to refine my interests, then try looking for career openings.If I fail to get a job opportunity, I will opt to volunteer for asuitable company through which I will create personal networks andalso gain information. Volunteering might also offer an opportunityto getting employed when a chance arises.


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