Personality Profile essay


Theaspect of personality has been broadly discussed by psychologistsunder the branch of personality psychology. They try to bring outdifferent personalities among individuals. Personality is a radicallystructured set of features that each individual has that helps him ina unique way to influence the environment. It refers to the model ofone’s thoughts, his feelings, social flexibility, and behaviorsexpressed over a period of time that have an impact on one`sexpectations, how he views himself, his values, and attitudes towardscertain things. Mostly, it is used to foresee a person`s reactions toothers. However, there is no universally agreed definition of theword. In this paper, am going to look at my own personality, how itaffects my relationships with others, and how the environment hasimpacted on it.


Tryingto figure out my personality has been my fundamental objective Ihave broadly examined my inner person and secretly conductedinterviews among friends about myself. From the statistics gatheredand my inner reflection, the following personality traits came out.

Oneof my personality traits is openness naturally am not closed up, andI am flexible in anything I do. The spirit does not allow me toconsistently be caged to doing certain practices. I take risks andcuriosity is the driving action behind every activity rather thanbeing cautious and conservative. This aspect portrays my tendency tological inquisitiveness, being creative, and preferring varied newexperiences. This has been the foundation of my imaginative nature,taking interests in art, being emotional over some views, the spiritof adventure, and the liberal mind. The trait has enabled me to winpeers who are outgoing. However, it has brought me to bad books withelders and authorities. The curiosity nature does not allow me toclosely follow the laid down structures without questioning or goingagainst them to see the repercussions hence, in most cases amconsidered rude.

Thesecond trait is extraversion I am an ideal example of an extrovert.I am more of an outgoing fellow than introverted rather than beingreserved am energetic. I have a tendency of seeking stimulation fromthose around me. It is evident that I am sociable, talkative, andassertive person. I am interested in finding optimistic emotions fromothers, like making people happy, satisfied, and excited. Thegreatest score from this trait is being friendly, gregarious, beingactive at all time, seeking excitement, and being cheerful. Theextrovert nature has made me popular among my peers. This is due tothe fact that I always make a group lively and boredom does notarise. However, I have equally made enemies in equal measures attimes, I tend to crack jokes and talk a lot in situations that areconsidered serious. I am also unpopular among the introverts andelders who find me irritating and cheeky.

Anothertrait in me is the feeling of being nervous and unconfident ineverything I partake. I am prone to anger, being anxious, and beingdepressed. I generally do not like this trait.

Thelevel of my agreeableness is wanting I generally do not like theabsence of this personality trait from me. I tend to be unkind toothers and unconcerned about other people`s emotions and activities.I pose opposition in a majority of issues or totally uncooperativetowards such many ideas. Subsequently, my moral level, sympathy, thelevel of modesty, ability to be trusted, and conciliate have alwaysraised questions among peers and elders.

Ido not like my personality of being careless and easy-going I tendto be swayed by the opinions of others rather than portraying a highdegree of self-discipline and being objective to personal goals. Ikeep less attention to being effective, maintaining order, beingresponsible on my own, building self-goals, and being cautious. Thisaspect has greatly impacted on my decision-making skills. I am notalways assertive as I consider other people`s opinions when makingdecisions.


Mypersonality has been influenced greatly by the environment I havebeen brought up in as well as the socialization processes in my life.As a single child, I had all the freedom in the world my parentsgave me all the attention. This created room for traits, like beingcurious. I became outgoing to find what lay beyond my vicinity. Myparent`s reluctance to bar me from other fields cultivated the spiritof flexibility. However, this aspect led to my poor decision-makingskills. I relied almost 100% on my parent’s guidance and decisions.Due to this care, I never learned to take into consideration of otherindividuals` feelings, cooperating with others, and beingtrustworthy.

Infact, my school achievements are not innate but from the externalpressure back at home. They want to see me the only child makes it inlife at all costs. I tried making an independence move to ventureinto agro-business and suspend further studies. Though my parents didnot object, I suffered huge losses and realized I had made a gravemistake.

However,I am yet to venture into music which has been my greatest dreams.However, am afraid of failure having experienced the same in the pastwhen I took an independent move. Once bitten twice shy.