Personal Values essay


The most common personal values evident during an encounter withelderly adults receiving treatment are conservativeness andresistance to change. When advising this category of patients onmatters concerning diet and lifestyle habits, one can find that mostof them think that the use of processed foods or medicine isassociated with secularism. They prefer the traditional lifestyle andeating habits and when confronted with the modern way of life theyfeel disturbed. My friends and some of my family members depict thatthey can adapt to several situations especially the urban andslums/ghetto life. Most of my friends disregard the purity of thefamily unit and strongly believe that at some point in marriage, onemust engage in extra-marital affairs. My teachers value professionalgrowth and competence so much in that they always encourage us toadvance in education and become competent citizens of tomorrow. Thisis because they have spent most years in school doing research andteaching making them desire to get more knowledge.

The elderly adults seem to have developed the value ofconservativeness since they have been dictating what should be donefor many years. Their values, however, affect any encounters withhealthcare workers, who are not adaptable to change leading todisagreements or conflicts. Being raised in middle and low incomefamilies, my friends have learnt and appreciated that some people arepoor while others are rich. This makes it easy for them to adapt towealthy or poor lifestyles. When I have an encounter with them inclass debates, I often observe that their understanding of two typesof lifestyles puts them in a better position in arguing their pointsthan me. The most conspicuous conflict arising due to valuedifferences regards the sacredness/purity of the family unit. Istrongly believe that a good family comprising of one man and onewoman is the basic cell of any healthy society. Conflicts arisebecause every time we hold discussions on matters of marriage andsexuality with my friends and some of my relatives, I feeldisappointed on how they disregard the sacredness of the marriageunion.