Personal statement for MBA essay


This is my application for an MBA at your reputable University. Imust confess that I had numerous choices to join other universitiesfor my MBA, but I settled for this University to its businessrelationships, good reputation and its history of excellent teachingand research methods. Your university is well known worldwide and forthis reason it provides its students with the rare opportunity ofdeveloping both academically and socially. It is essential for me tostate that these application is accompanied by my curriculum vitaeand testimonials which can be used to verify the information herein.

I am a graduate of Business administration from the MajmaahUniversity, Majmaah, Saudi Arabia in 2013 with a GPA: 2.51/4.00.I seek to add onto this level of education and acquire additionalskills and knowledge which will enable me to deal with various socialand economic problems. My degree program at the university in SaudiArabia equipped me with various management theories which I put intopractice through various internships and employment positions that Ihave held since graduating. I have held the position of an accountantand administrator at the Manayer Najd Medical Company in SaudiArabia. These positions helped me to gain team management skills andto develop team work skills. Additionally, these opportunities helpedme to apply the theory I learnt in class into practice. Admissioninto the MBA program at this university will offer me a greatopportunity to sharpen my skills.

My career choice is driven by desire to gain knowledge and solve thevarious problems facing the people across the world. An MBA coursewill provide me with an opportunity to understand the business worldand to use my knowledge to solve technical business problems. Sinceearly age, I observed my father doing business and balancing variousbooks of accounts and I developed the interest to become a majorbusinessman later in life or to occupy a management position in amajor corporation. It is evident that with the good relationshipsthat the business has with various businesses across the world,students who graduate from the university find numerous employmentopportunities across major and multinational corporations.

My career goals are to acquire immense business knowledge throughundergoing a master’s program at a reputable university. Offeringme an opportunity in this university will offer me a rare opportunityto interact with students from across the world. This will not onlyhelp me share and learn from the, but I will also have theopportunity to learn different cultures from across the world. Myproficiency in English language is a boast for my interaction withother students in the university. It is essential to state that I aman inspirational speaker and I will use my talent to inspire andguide other students towards achieving their goals. I believe myexperience from previous employment positions will provide thenecessary communication skills for my interaction.

Lastly, the reason for my application to this MBA position is theopportunities and the rewards in terms of salaries that the coursewill offer. It is evident that MBA graduates and sought after acrossthe world by business corporations and this has made theremunerations for the MBA employees extremely high. This implies thatwith an MBA from your university, I am guaranteed of a quality lifeand stable income in the future. I believe the above provided reasonscoupled with the opportunities that the course will bring my way willconvince your panel to offer me an MBA position in your institution.