Personal Statement for Law School essay

PersonalStatement for Law School

I’vebeen inspired by the works of Locke, Rousseau, and Machiavelli andhad leaned towards political science. Little did I know my passionlied elsewhere? My inclination towards political science changed thefirst time I attended a court case. I was awed by the impact a lawyerhad a case. I saw law, as a profession in which the consequencesunveil directly and immediately. I was also intrigued by theauthority of a judge, to hold one’s life in what he deems is right.How does one reach a position to which they are given the ability togrant a death sentence, to take a human soul?

Thatexperience opened my eyes and the passion for partaking law as aprofession intensified. I’ve built my life around pursuing Law,building my intellectual understanding of the matter and reading justabout everything related to the law I can get my hands on. I’veattended a multitude of court cases, lectures, and seminars on thesame. As I’ve come to learn through the court cases, lawyers mustbe well acclimatized to almost all resourceful books concerning law.It involves grasping the Bible, Qur’an among other religiousreadings. For these reasons, I’ve prepared myself by readingtextbooks from my local universities just to get a grasp of what Iwill be learning. Eloquence in speech plays a huge part in the dailyundertaking of a lawyer. In that regard, I aimed to improve my publicspeech skills, joining the debate team, and representing my school atseveral oral speech competition.

I’vebeen fairly intrigued by International Law. Growing up watching theSyrian epidemic, the United Nations was a hard name to miss. I wasamazed how an organization with such little legal authority couldmanage global cases, and I was fascinated by the motives it wasdriven by as well as the long history of accomplishments. I wasmostly intrigued by the works of the International Court of Justice.The international courts have standards by which countries shouldadhere. Having a standard level assists in ensuring countries treateach other with fairness. A lawyer is tasked with defending the lawswhenever the need arises. I do hope to enter a field of the sort.

I’malso convinced my passion lies within dissemination of justice. Eversince I was a kid, I’ve been involved in championing rights ofminority groups. Coming from a humble background, I’ve come acrosspeople discriminating against girl’s education. Due to thecultures, some communities have not embraced empowerment of womenwhether in politics or any other leadership positions. I’ve seenhow international bodies through human rights activists fight againstthese discriminations across the globe. Being passionate about thisaspect has encouraged me to follow this route so that I can propelthe debate even further. The agencies require support from lawyers tomake it a success.

Iwas also fascinated by the connection between law and ethics, thegreat controversy behind the use of the capital punishment. Is thecapital punishment humane? Is it fair? Does it prevent crime? Theanswers vary depending on the one answering them. The aspect ofcapital punishment elicits many debates. In the Salem witchcrafttrials, twenty innocent individuals were mistakenly sentenced todeath. It was too late to alter the decision, and the jurors admittedto making the mistake. Innocent people are still being sentenced todeath in many countries. The fact that a lawyer is tasked withdefending an innocent person from being mistakenly convicted means Ihave to be well equipped in all facets of law. Ethics in mostcountries are derived from religious backgrounds. There are also manykinds of courts where judgments are made. In customary setting,religious courts are mandated to give judgments if customary laws arecontravened. As a lawyer, one has to be well equipped in differentcustomary laws depending on the culture. I have a passion for readingwide. A lawyer should be ready to read continuously to understandvarious aspects of the law and how they apply to our daily lives.

Emergingissues such as climate change have consistently affected countries,especially islands. Activists of climate change are continuouslyvoicing the need to incorporate nature-friendly activities andindulge less in events that stimulate the issues. For instance,global warming has affected so many people as well as animals whetheraquatic or not. Lawyers have been working hand in hand to stop bigcompanies from producing high amounts of CO2.Someindustries do not see the correlation of human activities to thechanging climate just to protect their selfish interests. I’mfocused on ensuring the future generations get a place to live.Taking this field will enable me to help push for cleaner means ofacquiring energy. It is the responsibility of a lawyer to defend therights of activists championing conservation of the environment. Iwill passionately defend them against selfish companies who are moreenticed with acquiring money without considering humanity.

I’vebeen enthralled by the prospect of defending the people against theinhuman behavior of leaders. I followed the case in Africa where someleaders refuse to let go of power. In the process of hanging on topower, innocent people are killed in multitudes. The leaders turnpeople against each other and yet receive no punishment. Bringingthem to the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a task bestowedupon the lawyers. Once they have been charged, my efforts will ensurethe people get the justice they deserve by exposing the inhumanbehaviors. With a vast knowledge in political science, I know thetactics politicians use to turn people against each other and not getinvolved.

Buildingmy life around the law, I’ve made myself quite flexible to thedemands it brings. One must put himself/herself in the shoes of theclient. Viewing the issues from the client’s perspective plays ahuge role in ensuring I represent him/her efficiently. The demandscall for an intensive research and working for long hours which I’mwell acclimatized with.

Mydesire to join this profession is overwhelming. Coming from aconservative State, I wish to bring changes in the justice docketwithin my country. Laborers are mishandled by their employers,dissemination of resources is unfair among other issues. I would wantto echo changes in the system through fair treatment of all humanity.No one is better than the other. We are all equal in the eyes of thecreator. People who feel inferior due to misrepresentation will havea chance to express themselves if I happen to represent them.Attaining equity is my goal. And there is no better profession forensuring equity than being a lawyer.


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