Personal Responsibility in solving Driving under the Influence essay

PersonalResponsibility in solving Driving under the Influence

Oneof the common harms in road transport in the world today is theaccidents that are caused by careless driving. The greatest cause ofcareless driving in the United States is driving under the influence.It is very unfortunate that people die because of the carelessness ofother people who are not responsible and are careless to drive whiledrunk. A major cause of drunk driving is the need for people to driveback home while drunk, and the refusal to use designated drivers.

Theone major way of solving this problem is people taking personalresponsibility of their lives. If people are responsible, they willbe drinking responsible and caring for their lives and the lives ofthe people they are driving. This is a personal decision that iftaken by all people in the country, will make drunk driving a thingof the past. While the requirement to drive while sober is includedin the law, only personal decisions can determine whether to followthe law or not.

Agood example of taking personal responsibility is to use an object asa reminder in the car. A person can use a favorite toy or a doll,with the writing “NO DRUNK DRIVING” typed on it. Every time aperson sees this on the car, he will remember his or her personalresponsibility, not to drive while drunk. Being responsible driversis also needed to follow the law and avoid drunk driving. To preventpeople from drunk driving and avoid further harm, governmentregulations have been enforced by the traffic authorities. Thetraffic police have consistently continued to arrest and chargedrivers. However, only people can decide to follow the law.

Moreimportantly, personal responsibility to the people we are drivingwill help in solving the problem of drunk driving. Because someonewill have a caring look at the people he or she is driving in thecar, he or she will avoid alcoholic drinks. As a result, drunkdriving will reduce significantly. At the same time, avoidingalcoholic drinks altogether will help people to avoid drunk driving.To do this, people will have to be personally responsible for theirlives and choose health over alcohol. By doing this, drunk drivingwill end, not because people are afraid of the law, but becausepeople are responsible for their own personal decisions.