Personal Response essay



Thearticle is talking about how bars surrounding higher learninginstitutions have drastically affected the lives of students (NewRepublic, 2014). Alcohol is ruining student’s lives in numerousways. Particularly, there is poor class performance, school drop outsand deteriorating health. The author further explains the problem inphases and offers a piece of advice to alert students on dangers oftaking alcohol (New Republic, 2014).

Ibelieve the issue of alcohol drinking has significantly affectedcolleges and universities. Students flock to bars on the weekendswhile others do so on a daily basis (Robers,Zhang &amp Morgan, 2015).The bars around campus offer affordable services for studentsresulting in many of them drinking significant amounts of alcohol.Some students also spend the whole nights in the bars enjoying disconights that they forget their reading responsibility back in school(Robers,Zhang &amp Morgan, 2015).

Awfulthings happen in bars (Robers,Zhang &amp Morgan, 2015).There are occasional fights that leave some students seriouslyinjured if not dead. Some who cannot go home by themselves are proneto serial rapes. In my opinion, the bars have had adverse influenceson campus because students typically waste a lot of money on drinks.Alcohol addiction is a common occurrence that severely affects theirperformance in class. They end up leaving school when they arediscontinued due to poor performance (Robers,Zhang &amp Morgan, 2015).

Findinga solution towards alcohol consumption remains to be a problem inschool (Robers,Zhang &amp Morgan, 2015).The author suggests establishment of bars in schools which I stronglyobject because it would result in more chaos inside the schoolaffecting those who do not take alcohol. I think the best solution isformulating policies that will ensure bars around the school are openfor a short duration of time while at the same time increasing theprices of the drinks and services (Robers,Zhang &amp Morgan, 2015).However, students have a massive responsibility in the fight againstalcohol.


Robers,S., Zhang, A., &amp Morgan, R. E. (2015). Indicators of School Crimeand Safety: 2014. NCES 2015-072/NCJ 248036. NationalCenter for Education Statistics.