Personal Reflection essay





Itis worth noting that, studying this course has been of great help tome, and will forever have an impact on the way I conduct myself aswell as view the society at large. This is based on the fact that,the course has been an eye opener to me as far as various issuesaffecting the legal sector. Further, the course has also helped meachieve the core competencies as set by Prince Mohammad University.

Tostart with, there are several assignments which enormously helped toimprove my personal skills, thus achieve the learning outcomes as setby the course. One of such course was the one involving co-curricularactivity where one was required to attend as well as participate inPMU Law Fair. The main goal of this assignment was to offer studentsa chance to develop sense of personal as well as socialresponsibility. This also included issues relating to the largercommunity, thus helping one to make contributions to the society in arespectful manner. To me, this was one of my best experiences as Ihad the chance to relate with my colleagues through the collaborativeteams, thus developing critical skills such as communication as wellas learn how various activities affects the community we live.Further, through this law fair, I had the chance of interacting withprofessionals not only in the area of law but also in other sectors,and this will be important in my future career.

Itis also worth noting that, the write-ups were of great importancetoo. For instance, as a part of the assignments given by myProfessors, we were supposed to look at various aspects includingformation and termination of contracts, terms of contracts in SaudiArabia, international principles that are necessary to be adopted byparties entering into a contact among others.

Asset by Prince Mohammad University, I must agree that I havesuccessfully achieved as far as core competencies are concerned.First and the most important one is communication. By attending theuniversity, I have had the chance to be an effective communicatorboth in English as well as Arabic. This will go a long way inenhancing my professional competency, as I deal with professionalsfrom other countries outside Saudi Arabia. The other competency is onleadership, as the course has taught me to be a responsible personboth at personal and community levels. Other key competencies gainedinclude teamwork, and critical thinking. Some of the courses whichwere of great help in achieving the above competencies includecommunication skills and field work among others.

Theassignments have empowered me in a great way for future employment.For example, as a lawyer, I am required to fully understand terms ofcontracts in our country of which we have already covered. To make usglobally competitive, the assignments extensively covered on legalsystems affecting other countries such as the US, and U.K.,especially as far as passing of property and risk and transfer ofownership by a non-owner in the sales of goods.

Amongthe departmental outcomes, use of statistical techniques inanalyzing, interpretation as well as solving of complex business andlegal issues came in handy. This is because I will be able tointerpret legal data, thus make informed decisions. I have alsolearnt on how one can be able to contribute in the scholarly words, afactor which will also significantly improve my career in the future.


Reflectivepaper/ issue statement

Frommy own opinion, lawyers should be fully equipped in order to be ableto compete globally. They should extensively covered on legal systemsaffecting other countries such as the US, and U.K., especially as faras passing of property and risk and transfer of ownership by anon-owner in the sales of goods. Thus, the course offered in PMU iscrucial as it covers all these aspects.


    1. Tell us about your contribution and your team?

Iwas the judge in the team. I was supposed to deliver the judgmentafter carefully evaluating the case at hand.

    1. Other than your own topic, identify one exhibit/case in moot court that impacted you the most and explain why?

Oneof the most interesting case in the moot court involved reduction ofschool fees in the school of law at PMU. This issue elicited a lot ofdebates and interests among the students, thus exposing me to whatlawyers and judges undergo on daily basis.

    1. In what way do you think that participating in the law fair/moot court would enhance your future career as a lawyer?

Iwas able to experience the organization in the court cases as well asthe proceedings. All this is important in my future career.

    1. How does the law fair/ moot court build upon the law department’s learning outcomes? Choose one.

Asindicated earlier, our course requires us to look at various aspectsincluding formation and termination of contracts, terms of contractsin Saudi Arabia, international principles that are necessary to beadopted by parties entering into a contact among others.

    1. What improvements would you suggest for the future?

Thereis the need to conduct moot court cases not only in the school oflaw at PMU but also outside the school. This will increase people’sawareness regarding court proceedings as well as their rights ingeneral.


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