Personal life essay

Interpersonal communication can be described as those communications that focus mainly on family life, personal life, workplace and the community. Communication plays a very important role in the family as in the fact that it provides a healthy environment for individual and interpersonal relationships. Some of the impacts of interpersonal communication within the family level that affects workplace environments include the positive and negative; workplace harassment, conflicts, organizational success, improved effectiveness, better working conditions etc

This paper will therefore look into the specific impacts that arise as a result of interpersonal communication in the family in relation to the work place environment. It will specifically look at work and family balances with particular reference to financial sector 2. 0 The importance of interpersonal communication 2. 1 Interpersonal relations and behavior Every one of use has a unique way of conduct; an individual behavior is mainly influenced by family upbringing which will affect the social and cultural behavior of a person.

Religion is another important factor that determines and shapes the way we relate with others, our religious beliefs affects personality. As a person grows peer group influence especially in school do impact the way this individual will behavior. When a person gets employment after school, the company values and principles will also affect is total behavior, the type of work mates that he will interact with will also play an important role in shaping the way an individual look at issues. And greatly affect his behavior as a person.

If ones interpersonal communication and behavior are tamed at the family level, it may spill over to the workplace and affect both organizational, individual and group relationships 2. 2 Organizational communication The external communication used in corporate communication involves the activities through which the firm aims at informing and influencing people outside the firm. Under this advocacy is the major area in public communication whereby, it’s a process where one tries to influence the public debate and policy development in order to create an impact on the issue that the firm is facing.

It includes a range of activities such as lobbying, public education and information work through the media or publishing programs, campaigning. (Huselid, 1995) Under this lobbying basically means the efforts through a reasoned argument to influence decision makers on specific policies while campaigning means the efforts to mobilize wider public support on a particular policy change. Therefore, the firm should be able to look at the reasons behind the crisis and also at any policy change that will be able to protect the security and the welfare of the people.

The manager should consider the following issues when carrying out public relations through an external communication The manager will have a responsibility to present accurate and honest images of people and the crisis that the firm is facing. Where a positive picture of how people cope and support themselves during such times of crisis. This may help in countering for the widespread public perception of the stakeholders affected by the crisis as being helpless victims. 2. 3 Office romance

Office romance cuts across the board regardless of the age, number of employees or the financial ability of the company concerned where there is both female and male colleagues working together, some form of intimacy will be developed which affect work situations of the company. This results in interpersonal conflicts in the organization because some people will be undermined by open favoritism. In the United States, office romance is so rampant that specific regulations and policies have been created to guide employees in all government and private sectors.

The recent debate going on that touches the current world bank director who approved a pay rise for his girl friend illustrates the extend to which company social relationships have on the performance of a company. (Huselid, 1995) 2. 4 Discipline Personal and employee discipline are important for improving relations between employers and employees in an organization. Instilling discipline is a necessary step towards improving employee relations. In most cases discipline is maintained by outlining specific regulations that are punishable when an employee goes against it.

It is this strategy that employs the services of a counselor in order to reduce the rate of sacking employees just because of absenteeism or alcohol. 2. 5 Image There has been a cliche which describes the image of a company and it states that “image is everything, dressing is nothing”. It is better to be polite and respectful for one another not only in the family but also in the workplace. This will not only boost the image for the organization but also for the individual. Consultation is one of the techniques which can be used to improve the ‘image’.