Personal Journal essay



Personalvalues refer to people’s internal notion of what is constructive,what seems to be good, what they view as beneficial, and what theyview as acceptable to them. Certain personal values likeself-discipline, open communication, honesty, and leadership amongothers, can help people serve as positive role models to peoplearound them. In my encounters with patients, I was keen to noticethat patients possessed personal values like open communication andpatience. Patients were open to communication as I recorded theirmedical history. They openly narrated their medical history as wellas their family medical history. Also, patients proved to have thevalue of patience as they patiently waited to be served withoutnecessarily overlapping in the queue. I noted that patients were easyto interact with during these encounters. Most patients had developedthese values through a series of visits they had with doctors. Thesepersonal values of patients made my interaction with them easy.

Duringmy encounters with friends, I was quick to notice that most friendshad personal values like generosity and forgiveness. I noted thatfriends were happy when sharing out what they possessed. Also, Irealized that most friends had developed these personal valuesthrough their upbringing and from the families they were brought upin. These values made encounters with friends enjoyable and helped inthe development of mutual friendships.

Encounterswith teachers revealed that most teachers were self-disciplined, hadleadership qualities, and responsible. Teachers had good mannersduring these interactions, were initiative and knew what was expectedof them. Also, they were highly responsible for their actions. Mostteachers had developed their personal values during their training.These values made the encounters to be cordial. During my encounterswith other people like patients’ relatives, I found out that mostof them had open communication and humility values. Most relativeswere free and open to communicate about their relatives’ ailments. These values had been developed as a result of frequent visits torelatives in hospital. Furthermore, these values aided in getting anadditional medical history of patients. The difference between myvalues and teachers’ values almost resulted in a conflict. Forinstance, on a certain day, I was chosen to lead a discussion groupthis proved to be difficult since I was shy. My shyness and myteacher’s value of leadership almost conflicted.