Personal History essay




Question1: Some of the constructive activities that are not reflected in myacademic record include

Itook an English class with a tutor twice a week: The purpose oftaking this course was to enhance my English proficiency. This coursegave me an opportunity to practice reading, speaking, listening, andwriting passages using proper English. At the end of the course, Ihad acquired adequate skills to write essays without grammaticalerrors.

Iwatched an economic crashcourse on the YouTube: This course allowedme to enhance my understanding of different economic concepts andtheories. Economic courses (including an introduction to economics)that I watched can be found at this link: &lt

Itook math courses with the help of a tutor: I intend to major in mathstarting from the forthcoming semester. The math course helped melearn different skills, concepts, and formulas in preparation for thenext semester.

Question2: Plans that make me believe that I will be able to achieve myacademic objectives?

Attendall classes: I have realized that my failure to attend a number ofclasses is among the key factors that reduced my capacity to attainthe minimum grade. To this end, I plan to attend all classes. I willaccomplish this by preparing a comprehensive timetable that willinclude all courses and classes.

Takenotes in all classes: In the last semester, I had a perception thatsome courses were either boring or irrelevant. I avoided taking notesin such classes, which made it difficult for me to revise for exams.I plan to take notes on all courses, which will help me revise andprepare myself for all exams. In order to accomplish this, I willprioritize academics and reduce the number of events (such asparties) that distracted me in the last semester. This will help mefocus on academics and improve my performance.

Goodtime management: I have discovered that time is one of the greatestresources that students have at their disposal. The main differencebetween successful and unsuccessful students is the ability to managetime. In my case, I will establish a time management plan, which willindicate time for academics and extracurricular activities. This willhelp me balance between academic and non-academic activities andavoid the mistakes that I did in the last semester, where I spentmore time at parties and other social events.

Increasethe level of English proficiency: A low level of language proficiencyreduced my ability to revise more efficiently and respond to examquestions properly. I plan to address this challenge by undertakingonline English proficiency classes, reading at least one Englishnovel in every two weeks, and consulting the dictionary to understandthe meaning of difficult words. This will increase my mastery of thelanguage and increase my academic performance.

Joina study group: I believe in the support and motivation of otherstudents, which can only be obtained by working in groups. In mycase, I plan to form a study group with my classmates where we shallbe meeting to discuss academic matters and help each other with thedifficult areas.

Apersonal study program: Experience has taught me that it is importantto take a few hours every day for personal studies, besides the studyhours that I spend in class or study groups. I plan to set aside onehour every evening for my personal studies.