Personal Experience Essay essay

PersonalExperience Essay

Irrationalthinking is merely acting or giving a thought without a criticalinclusion of well-analysed thoughts to a particular problem. Usually,the decision maker is not is not patient enough to take in advicefrom other people and critically table the options to come up with amore solid and valid conclusion to the available predicament. Manysituations the person making this decision usually has some fixedexpectations which may not happen as the person wishes. Mostly thisirrational and unethical thinking ends up affecting the decisionmaker as it may affect negatively other people in the long run asthere was less application of intelligence in the decision making.

Valleyside was the name of the apartment was the name of the apartment thatI lived in in the bushy suburbs of the city. The state of the art ofthe building would make one quickly appreciate the presence ofarchitects in the society. It`s colorful paintings would easily luretenants to apply for vacant houses in there. I can’t deny that Itoo feel victim to these appealing houses and personally went outasking for a place in this apartments. The owner of the houses wassuch a kind man. That was my first impression of him though they saydon’t judge a book by its cover. He was not too tall, well builtand a little masculine.

AfterI humbly requested for space in his apartment, he granted me thehouse next to him that was the first floor since I didn’t want farfrom there. Since I was so social, I managed to befriend him, and wealways had good meetings and conversations. After a couple of months,the apartment was full, and we all lived in harmony. During myinteractions with the owner whom after some days I knew his name asJack, I realized that he had applied for the loan to set up thatapartment and he was to pay the lender in installments. So when theapartment was filled it was to his good since he knew all was well tohis business.

Aftera couple of months I realized that this guy had some good relationwith alcohol, he always had to drink a bottle or two a day, but thataffected nothing with his relationship with the tenants. Oneparticular day, after he had gone for his usual drinking, he wasinformed of the news that his biological mother had been stabbed bysome ghetto black guys from their hood which led to her mother beingseriously injured. The story did not go very well with Jack. He camehome yapping and talking nonsense about the black race. This couldharbor some hatred among the tenants in the apartment since thebuilding was filled with a majority of black people.

Wegave very little attention to him since we knew he was undergoingpsychological torture and he needed some time to come back toreality. That was contrary to our thoughts, that evening Jack orderedall the blacks out of the apartment just because of what hadhappened. The situation was almost out of hand since some of thetenants had threatened to take some legal actions against him eventhough he owned the property. This led to a significant fallout thathe decided to auction the house and move just because it had blackpeople

Jackshould have applied some rational thinking in the situation andunderstanding that just because few black people stabbed her mother,this does not make all blacks bad people as he thought. He ought todiligently and critically analyze the problem at hand to come up withthe best solution


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