Personal computer essay

Personal Computers can help individuals solve a variety of problems. Computer applications enable an individual to manage information effectively, provided the user has basic knowledge of computers. A basic training in computers would mean – knowing the parts of the computer, writing drafts and final products with a word processor, searching for information using a CD-ROM database A basic level of knowledge of computers can help a great deal. Work that would otherwise need to be done manually can be done using spreadsheets. This includes day to day accounting work like keeping track of expenses and bills.

Computer applications not only make it easier but also allow comparative analysis and support various other features that would be quite difficult and sometimes even impossible to be done manually. One advantage of using computer applications is that a copy is always saved in the computer. The search facility of a computer allows easy to old files and documents. A search through a file of hard copies can take many times more time that an electronic search. Word processing applications make letter writing very simple. One can save sample letters and drafts.

It becomes easy to open an existing document and make a few changes here and there than to rewrite another. With a basic training in database management systems a PC user can start building simple database applications and using them. There are various software programs that can be used for training purposes. A personal computer allows access to emailing and internet which is one of the most effective means of communication and access to any information.


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