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Re: Personal Statement for the PharmacyCourse Application

Since my childhood, I have always wanted tofind solutions to common problems in the society through research. Iremember when we had an ant problem in my high school and I decidedto make a natural insecticide using a concoction of local plants thathad a repugnant smell. The natural insecticide earned me an award atthe school`s `Science Convention`. It is for this reason that I wishto enhance my dream of finding solutions to common health problems bypursuing a career in pharmacy.

Whilecompleting my undergraduate degree, I have also gained skills andknowledge that I know will be of particular help in my pursuit for acareer in pharmacy. I have undertaken undergraduate content coursessuch as human resource management, and data management. When pursuingmy undergraduate degree in Business Management, I gained valuableskills that I believe will be relevant to a career in pharmacy. Theyinclude the use of data analysis software such as SPSS, PowerPointpresentation, and data collection.

Myinterest in pharmacy has seen me take part in numerousextra-curricular activities related to the subject. In August 2015, Iattended the Pharma Conference that took place in New Orleans. Thetheme of the conference was drug delivery. I gained knowledgeregarding the manufacturing and delivery of drugs. I also metpharmacy professionals who assured me that I was making a gooddecision by following my dreams in pharmacy. At the university level,I was a member of the Pharmacy Students’ Association. In theregular meetings that I attend, the group discussed current issues inthe world of pharmacy, including toxic vaccines, and the economics ofthe industry.

Mypassion for pharmacy led me to turn down an internship in businessmanagement at a blue chip company for a low-paying job as a pharmacytechnician at CVS. During the next summer break, I also took up theposition of a pharmacy technician at Walgreens. In total, I have fouryears’ worth of experience in the pharmacy industry. I have gainedskills in drug testing, packaging and dissemination.

Thesheer number of probable research projects in pharmacy is immense.Among what interests me the most is the recent upsurge in antibioticresistance due to drug overuse. If the trend continues, we might nothave any effective antibiotics in the near future. As it is, thereare already drug resistant strains of bacteria, such MethicillinResistant Staphylococcus Aureus,which have created a nightmare in the pharmacy field. It is in thisregard that I plan to direct my research efforts towards thepossibility of replacing antibiotics with phage therapy.Bacteriophages are a group of viruses that produce enzymes, whichlead to the lyses of bacterial cells (Sulakvelidze et al, 2001). Thistherapy worked well in Europe during the early 20thCentury, but it was discontinued after the immense success ofantibiotics. Maybe it is time we went back to using phage therapy nowthat it has emerged that the efficacy of antibiotics is going down bythe day.

My career prospects include pursuing adoctorate in Pharmacy, becoming a research scientist inpharmaceutical Research, be able to publish in peer- reviewedjournals, teach at a research-oriented university where I can conductresearch and instill in students my enthusiasm for basic scienceresearch. I am interested in the possibility of using myunderstanding of pharmaceutical issues to impact health policy indeveloping countries.


Sulakvelidze, A., Alavidze, Z., &amp Morris,J. G. (2001). Bacteriophage therapy. Antimicrobialagents and chemotherapy, 45(3),649-659.