Person of the Decade Address 1 essay

Personof the Decade


7thJune, 2016

TheTime Magazine Nominating Committee,

P.O.BOX xxxxx,



Iwish to propose Pope John Paul, the great, as my person of thedecade. Pope John II role in the destabilization and the finalcollapse of the Soviet Union cannot be underestimated. Being thetemporal head of the Roman Catholic Church, his role was pivotaltowards advocating for peace globally (George 269).

BornKarol Josef Wojtyla in 1920, in Wadowice Poland, he was the youngestin the family (George 251). At a tender age, he was athletic andenjoyed playing football as a goalkeeper. On the third day of theconclave, after the death of Pope Paul VI, Pope John the Great waselected. He was not only the first Pope of non-Italian origin, butalso the second longest sitting pope after Pope Pius IX, who hadserved for a period of 32 years.

Hisworks were majorly towards peace and reconciliation he attempted toimprove the relations between the Catholic Church and other religionsand denominations, like Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Animism, theAnglican Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. In his quest forpeace, he was active in bringing down dictatorial governments, likein Haiti, Chile, and Paraguay. He also preached against capitalpunishment, Rwandan genocide, and stamped the catholic stand oncontraceptives.

Itis evident that his message was that of peace, and this calculatedthe culture of accommodating other people’s views. He also quelledthe political tension that could have otherwise culminated into the3rdWorld war.

Iwill be glad if you granted my proposal and nominate him. Thanks inadvance.





George,D.The millennium pope: Towards Peace Initiatives. BostonUniversity International Law Journal19 (2001): 250-271. Print.