Performance Critique essay



Performanceis an important art in the world of literature and therefore, itcomplements other many pieces of scriptures with an aim offacilitating message delivery. Therefore, performers are required toanalyze critically all the many factors needed to meet a realperformance act before the spectators.


Title1: Rape joke

Performers:Belissa Escoloedo Rhiannon McGavin, 2014

Documenttype: performance video.

Thisexcerpt aimed at the general public but, specifically to address themale fraternity. The information displayed is the felon who areresponsible for manipulating women and assaulting them. The personastry to show how in most situations men are always ready to hit backwhenever women talk about any rape cases. It ridiculed how mendispossess the reality and weight of the rape immorality as mere jokedefending themselves with the fact that men also get raped.

Communicationin this video is superb since the topic is very sensitive and thepickup lines used by the presenters put the audience in a suspenseleaving them to be alert and capture the whole scene. The soundimminently well captured, and the language used is easy to understandwith excellent picture captures.

Thebody confrontations used at the start do not really show the weightof the issue being discussed as one performer smiles. In the video weare not able to see the crowd’s postures which might help to judgetheir idea responses despite hearing some noises from the background.The use of obscene gestures which might not be impress to the wholeaudience at some point the performers displayed the middle finger upwhich very insulting. Misappropriation of the gestures was notablyfrequent and the stage planning needed to improve on it.

Title2: somewhere in America

Performers:Belissa Escoloedo Rhiannon McGavin and Zarriya Allen 2014

Documenttype: performance video

Therecitation focused on conveying information to the teachers. Thispiece is recited to criticize the behavior of teachers, and how theeducational delivery system is less important to the upbringing ofresponsible literate people while it only facilitates brutal life tostudents and pupils. The system is intimidated for poor moralguidance that sees many lives getting lost by the crime offenders anda loss in social uprightness in cases such as rape.

Thevideo presentation was positive, and the title critically used as atool to engage the listeners. More important, the sadness of thepresenters was well represented by the dressing code that is blackwhich symbolically can play the role of depression or unmasked.Intonations were appropriate repetition was used to ensure emphasiswas evident at the required points. These features were critical inensuring that the message well communicated with a stage plan andcoordinated gesture moves.

Inthe today world, education is perceived to be the key to success. Thevoice capturing was not clear since the performers were three and atmost times failed to match their vocal intonations resulting in poorpresentation. Staging aids would have been very important to helpthem demonstrate like those referred with the guns using a stage aidtoy gun and demonstrating the postures would deliver the informationvery appropriately.

Title3: Shots fired

Performers:Walter Finney, Kayland Turner, Zarriya Allen, Rhiannon McGavin, 2014

Documenttype: performance video

Thisinformation was directed to the general public. The presenters aretrying to complain about the street crimes and violence expedited bythe use of firearms, where members of public get short every day. Thekillings in the streets are evident to all people in the society fromchildren to the old fogs. The obscenity, displayed by the peopleprompted the author to try and communicate this information to thepeople.

Thepresenters still wore black clothes as the message depicted is heartbreaking. The video and soundtracks were well merged in thepresentation with excellent voice intonation that showed the grief inthe context. Gesture was accurately employed in the demonstration ofgun pointing and this helped the feeding of information to theaudience. Singing was also used at the end to pass the message at theend of the performance.

InAmerica, population is made of different diversities of races andethnicity. The presents would demonstrate this but preferably wearingskins from the different people of street. The code of dressing theyused in the video never displayed how the felons in the streetslooked like in reality failing to accomplish information deliverysuitably. The voices of the four participants have differentintonations but it did not so well depict the age differencesmentioned in the video. The audience was less involved in this scene,there were neither rhetoric’s nor stage actions that would displaythe movement and age differences too. For instance, the 45 year oldlady’s movement posture and gestures such as nodding would help toshow her grief on how lives are lost in the streets.


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