Patient Communication essay

PatientCommunicationPatientCommunicationThetype of communication is usually considered successful only after thecycle is complete. The sequence, in this case, implies the recipientunderstanding what the other party is trying to communicate. Thecase presented involves an old woman with unique conditions, such asmoderate dementia and a hearing implement. For the staff to help thepatient understand the instructions given, the daughter needs to beinvolved, and the patient should not be left out of the conversation.For the patient to understand that she needs to use the walkerconsistently and always wear leather tennis shoe type or the uniformstyle, a demonstration can be done using the daughter as a volunteerto show her these consistently. Communicating information, such asthe patient never wearing the panty close and her inability to walkher dog on a leash, a non-verbal communication can be applied, and ademonstration was done using small toys. The patient is an integralpart of the conversation and should never be left out of it. The aimof the visit was to ascertain that the hip was healing nicely anddiscuss the precautions to be taken before the patient returning toher assisted living house. Therefore, leaving the patient out of theconversation may result in incomplete communication. Incases such as these, a method of communication other than the verbalcommunication is indicated. The surgeon needs to contact a home carenurse to assist the patient with her normal daily tasks at herapartment. The two support groups that might be helpful for thedaughter to enable her to understand and support her mother are theAlzheimer`s &amp Dementia Support Group, and the Parkinson’sSupport Group. The first one will be for understanding dementia andthe second one hip replacement recovery.ReferencesAgingCare.(2016). Alzheimer`s&amp dementia support group.Retrievedfrom