PART B essay


Responseto Jacklyne


Iagree with you that Martin Luther had serious issues about theindulgencies and the issue with salvation. I am sure that these werethe main issues that led to the reformation campaign led by thechurch. In my opinion, Luther had valid reasons to give the argumentsagainst the practices by the Catholic Church. I concur with you thatthe issues brought about the church were fundamental in thedevelopment and growth of the protestant churches.


Responseto Wanxuan


Iagree with your argument that the church was not using indulgenciescorrectly. However, I tend to disagree that this was the only issuewith Martin Luther. In my opinion, Martin Luther had a deeper issuewith the church than just the use of indulgencies. Martin Luther didnot support the use of indulgencies at all, either in the correct wayof in the wrong way. This is because he believed in the fact that theactions of a person were the ones that would lead to salvation andnot anything done by the people, such as the sale of indulgencies.