PART B essay


Responseto Katelyn Obrien


Ilike your argument, but I tend to disagree with that. In my opinion,Luther believed in repentance. I think his insistence on salvationthrough faith did not exclude repentance. Rather it insisted on anindividual relationship with God and criticizing exploitationchannels that church leaders used to deceive people. Actually, he wasagainst exploiting believers who believed salvation was throughindulgence. In his opinion, serving people was not salvation andpeople needed faith for salvation.


Responseto Amanda Rossol


Iagree with you that religious people became corrupt during thatperiod, especially the church leaders. I tend to think that, on thefocus of believers, they followed what they believed was right andwhat was preached to them. In my opinion, it is important to notethat the Bible, reference manual, was written in Latin and churchfollowers relied on interpretation from leaders.