PART B essay


Responseto Gage Domke


Oneof the solutions to the population affecting environment ispopulation control through civil education. People should be taughtabout the impact of increased population growth on the society, andmore so, on the environment. By understanding the negativeconsequences, people will adopt better population planning methodsthat will help reduce the strain on the environment and naturalresources.


Responseto Kelli Graziano


Asa social worker in a country with a high population growth, engagingthe youth would be the best way to spread the message of the impactof population on the environment. The solution of population controlcan made more effective if the current generation is involved in thecivil education and formulation of population planning. This isbecause the young people are the ones who will determine the numberof world population in the future. Therefore, if te young people arewell educated about population control, the future will have lesserpopulation pressure on the environment.