Parenting and Technology/Social Media in Children essay

Parentingand Technology/Social Media in Children

Thetopic chosen for literature review is parenting and technology orsocial media use among children. This topic is ideal because manychildren are increasingly becoming addicted to social media use (Gold9). Technological advancement has made many social media websites tobecome more popular among children, adolescents as well as youngadults. As a result, children are increasingly becoming hooked tosocial media sites, spending the largest amounts of their time onthem (Gold 23). It is plausible to state that any activity that isusually a favorite past time indulgent normally has a certain effect.Therefore, there is a good reason for parents to become wary andconcerned about technology and social media use among their children.In this regard, many parents are increasingly monitoring theirchildren’s online behavior to ensure that they do not getinfluenced negatively (Gold 25).

Thisspecific topic will need scholarly or academic research articles thathave established important and helpful findings. This is important indetermining the role of parents in regulating technology or socialmedia use among their children. Additionally, these articles willoffer the established effects of social media use among children. Ajournal article written by Alessondra Villegas from FordhamUniversity explores how technology use among children affects familydynamics. Despite the fact that technology plays a critical role incommunication by making it much easier, faster and cheaper, it hasother effects on every family (Villegas 3). Technology use has a verypowerful influence on children behavior in the general familysetting. Therefore, it is important to try and establish the positiveand negative influences that technology plays in any family set up(Villegas 5). Additionally, it is important to try and establish theeffectiveness of parents control and regulation on technology orsocial media use among children.


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