Paraphrasing and Direct Quotations- The Sandwich Technique essay


Paraphrasingand Direct Quotations- The Sandwich Technique

Paraphrasingand Direct Quotations- The Sandwich Technique

Bergen et al (2014) acknowledges that:

when correcting employee behavior and providing negative performancecomments, managers are often encouraged to begin with somethingpositive and are frequently instructed to use the ‘sandwich method’in which one inserts (or sandwiches) criticism between two positiveremarks.

Employers are encouraged to effectively use the sandwich technique todeal and correct their worker’s performance. It is also referred toas the “hamburger technique” whereby behavior is corrected usingconstructive criticism (Daniels &amp Daniels, 2005). They areadvised to start with a constructive compliment then progress to theconstructive criticism part. Eventually, the employer is advised tofinalize the criticism in a constructive compliment. In so doing, theemployer will enhance convenient communication, reduce defensiveness,and make the employee to understand and accept the correction as apositive build. According to Bergen et al. (2014), the manner inwhich information is presented, was the important aspect incorrecting the behavior of employees. Poor delivery techniques willobviously result to unconstructive outcomes such as increasedaggression, resentments and increased conflicts (Bergen et al.,2014).

Arguably, every employee would like to be recognized and accepted asa significant part of the building team in the workforce, regardlessof poor or average performance. So, it is important to acknowledgethe integral link that every employee plays in the team. Daniels &ampDaniels (2005) asserts that constructive criticism reduces the threatof termination from work. It will enhance the worker’s probabilityof performing better in future. It is also important to note thatemployees will not develop a full work potential without an openplatform for clear and honest feedback regarding their work input.Moreover, employers who do not provide feedback in a transparentroutine are likely to negatively affect the performance of thebusinesses (Bergen et al., 2014).


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