Pamphlet for Psychologists essay

Pamphletfor Psychologists

Pamphletfor Psychologists

Questionsin Mind

  1. What do I intend to achieve in the long-term upon completion of the therapy with the client?

  2. What role do I have to play in assisting the patient recover after the counseling sessions?

  3. How can I achieve the goal of helping the patient recover?

  4. Can I trust myself to keep the discussions we have personally despite the magnitude of the problem?

  5. Should I be held liable if I breach the agreement of confidentiality?

ClientRights and Responsibilities

Clients are expected to ensure that they get the best qualityservices from therapists handling their case. The therapy sessionmust be confidential. Information shared between the counselor andthe client must be privy to the two of them without third partiesgaining acces to the same. Any information intended to reachnon-parties should seek consent from the client.

Clients have a right to quality treatment. The decision for a clientto present in the hospital emanates from the fact that they needtreatment for the condition facing them. Because of the same, it isthe right of the client to demand that they are given qualitytreatment as a way of enhancing their recovery from the condition.Treatment is of significance since it helps in quick recovery.Patients have the right that they be served in appropriately.

Further, the client has the right to access competent care uponreaching the hospital. As a physiotherapist, it could be essential todetermine the level of expertise as a way of ensuring that in signingup to help a particular patient, the goals are achieved as is theintention. It is for the same reason that clients must demand thatthey are assigned a competent therapist to facilitate their learningcapabilities.

Further, the client has the right to cancel therapy sessions if theydetermine that they are not benefiting from the same. As aphysiotherapist, it is mandatory to understand that there could beinstances when the patient is not satisfied with how counselingsessions are executed. They could decide to cancel the entireprocess. It is essential for rights of clients to be guaranteed tothe client to empower them in making decisions.

EstablishedCounseling Centers

Counseling centers established in different parts of the country havean outline on services clients can get upon visiting them. Notably,the centers have been created to provide emotional and psychologicalsupport to clients in need. The services vary depending on thecondition of the client. For example, some clients could present witha problem that entails an inability to cope with grief. Theestablished counseling centers have been designed in a way that theycan provide services accustomed to the individual customer needs. Thegoal of the counseling centers is to ensure that clients visiting areassisted towards recovering through the application of the mostappropriate therapeutically techniques.

OptionsClients have to Report Unethical Behavior

Counselors have the mandate of ensuring they offer professionalservices to clients. However, there have been instances whencounselors fail to adhere to the professional code of conduct whendischarging duties that have been assigned to them. Under suchcircumstances, clients have had a channel they can follow to reportthe unethical behaviors. There are established professionalorganizations endowed with the mandate of addressing clientcomplaints. Further, clients have the option of following theestablished justice system in the country.