Paid intern programs essay

Paidintern programs

Duringlong summer holidays many students normally prefer to get enrolled inlarge organizations or government agencies for internships. This istheir preferred choice as they are normally overenthusiastic aboutkick starting their career objectives. In this regard, the mainreason for joining internships is to acquire basic knowledge andexperience of working in a real organization. This is an importantopportunity of exploring their skills in relevance to their careerchoices at school. For this reason, unlike many employers whoadvantage of this fact and fail to pay these interns, as the Resourcemanager of Smart Investment Limited Company I would advocate fortheir pay.

Internpaying programs are essential

Accordingto Labor Department as well as the Fair Labor Standards Acts, it isimportant for the employers to pay the internships as they offerenormous benefits to their prospective companies. As the resourcemanager, I have witnessed the massive dedication that is demonstratedby interns through their experimental skills and general learning. Ibelieve that offering students with a minimum pay promises them afinancially sustainable job offerings in Smart Investment LimitedCompany. In my opinion, there is a great need of paying interns forthe experience and effort that they acquire and input respectively inthe company.

Intersare protected under the law

Internshipsfall under the categories of employees who are protected in the FairLabor Standard Acts. For this reason, there is a great need ofprotecting their interests which includes fair pay. Naturally, manyinterns that have come to gain experience at Smart Investment LimitedCompany are usually willing to work during overtime hours. This istypically because of their overwhelming desire of putting theirlearning experiences at work in a real organization. Since theemployers gain massive advantage as a result, there is a great needof considering the interests of those interns that starts with pay.

Payinginterns avoids legal costs

Inaddition, recently some companies have incurred costs as result oflawsuits that come as a result of failure to pay interns. Manystudents are getting knowledge about their rights as employees in anyorganization. There are many labor organizations such as Fair LaborStandards Acts, which protect and educate employees on their rightsas far as issues such as payment is concerned. Therefore as aresource manager I would recommend for a minimum pay that is agreedbetween the interns and the organization. This is in an effort ofpreventing such unnecessary legal costs that may arise.

Internscontribute to success of profit making organizations

Wheninterns work in profit making organizations, they naturallycontribute to employers’ success in making more profit. Everyactivity that is carried under the set duties and responsibilities ofthe interns in any organization, are geared towards the success ofthe organization. In this regard, there is a great need of payinginterns particularly in Smart Investment Limited Company that worksfor profit. It is thus fair, to ensure that interns get fair returnsfor their duties and responsibilities in any profit makingorganization.

Whyminimum pay is recommended

However,it is important for the interns to be paid a minimum wage whenworking in a profit making organization. There is a need to payinterns because of their obvious inputs through work that contributesto the profit of the organization. On the other hand, the internsshould be granted minimum pay as the organization contributesimmensely to their learning experiences. Therefore, there exists amutual relationship between the interns and the employers. Internsare typically driven by the desire of fulfilling their educationalgoals as opposed to contributing to the general success of theorganization where they work.

Schoolsare pushing for intern paying programs

Manyschools are pushing for the paid internship programs around thecountry. Although the unpaid intern programs are both sometimesavailable and very tempting, there is a great need for the employersobserve the law as stipulated in the Fair Labor Standard Acts thatadvocates for fair returns to all employees. The paid intern programstypically contribute to employee or intern motivation to workingharder and honestly in any organization.