P4P Programs essay


Oneof the market forces that have contributed to the increasing interestof the P4P programs is the privatization, which is witnessed in thehealthcare sector. Such an act draws the attention of the investorswho are motivated by the high profits hence, the P4P model willbalance the interest of the providers and the patients in thehealthcare environment (Kongstvedt, 2013). Adopting the model isadvantageous to the healthcare facilities globally. Many investorshave identified the model as one of the methods through which theycan make a proper investment to add up to the initial amountinvested.

Secondly,the aging populations as well as the prevalence of obesity havecontributed to the popularity of the P4P models. The aging populationis increasing thus, its healthcare needs are on arise old peopleneed a health system that is very efficient and effective. The risingcases of obesity can as well be handled well if the healthcarefacilities adopt this model (Kongstvedt, 2013). Further, the P4Pmodel has helped achieve the intended effectiveness and efficiency inthe healthcare system. The model is very successful in the US becauseof the benefits it comes along with however, it has some theproblems that should be dealt with to increase its efficiency.

TheP4P should evolve in the future to minimize the inefficiencies thatare currently witnessed. Some other concepts should be considered,like adopting the strategies that emphasize on the outcomes of thepatients leading to quality services in the hospitals. Methods thatare cost effective should as well be employed so that it will not beexpensive for the patients to make use of these programs. Lastly, dueto the advancement in technology, the model should employ the mostrecent technologies for its services.


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