Our town essay


I have spent a substantial amount of time in Austin, Texas. Thereare numerous aspects of the city that I am nostalgic about. InAustin, Texas, there is a live band somewhere every night performinglive music. This is one aspect of the city that I am nostalgic aboutand it made the city one of the best places to live. Another aspectof the city that is amazing is the presence of lakes and parks whereone would go swimming, hiking and biking (Austin Chamber of Commerce,2010). There are various annual events that I have memories of suchas the O-Henry Pun off and the Austin film festivals. The hot summersand the mild winters in Austin tend to ignite the feeling ofnostalgia in me. Lastly, the creativity culture of the Austin city isan aspect that will remain in my memories for numerous years. Thereare numerous museums in the city such as Mexic-Arte,which display various works of art (Austin Chamber of Commerce,2010).

In a time capsule, I would include the flag of the city of AustinTexas. This is a significant component for people who will live inthe city in a thousand years to come. It is evident that a flagnormally carries the values of a city or the area it represents.Secondly, I would include an artistically painted picture of thecity. This will be critical for future generations as it will informthem of the developments that the city has gone through. Lastly, Iwould include the constitution that govern the city. This will beimportant for future generations to emulate and understand the rulesthat governed the city.


Austin Chamber of Commerce. (2010).&nbspGeneral facts andstatistical review on Austin, Texas including map ofAustin trade area. Austin, Texas.