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Whatwe are all about?

TheInternet has a high number of writing services, but what make usdifferent? The answer is simply – our customers are a highpriority for us. We value a lot all our customers and are alwaysready help and satisfy them even when customers are not right We as support agents playing huge role in creating friendlyenvironment as well as for our customers as for our writers. Our aimis to guarantee customer’s satisfaction, for that we offer:

  • Discounts ( sometimes loyal customers may ask you to give some discount in chat/email – we are always ready to help with that, since we understand that our customers are mostly students or immigrants, so please feel free to give 10-15 % discount and your customer will be happy)

  • Revision (we do not have limited number of revision that customer may ask, what differs us from other websites. Within 14 days after the order was completed, customer may always ask to change something in his/her paper, after this period customer may pay additional fee for the revision extension – but the prices are still low if to compare)

  • Refund (usually we refund the money only in case writers did not follow instructions. But in case of bad grades ( despite the fact that we do not guarantee them) or others unpleasant issues, we are always ready to consider some partial refund or discount to please our customers)

  • Support agents ( we are all friendly, open-going personalities, who happy to help our customers, and it is very pleasant when some customer want to speak to certain agent and has his favorite helper, so happy customers are always reward for us)

Hereyou may find other our important advantages:

Asyou may see, we are strong, friendly company with huge number ofadvantages ) So enjoy your work with us!

Inorder to be perfect support agent we offer you Lesson 1.

Herewe go 




    1. General Information

    2. Place an order

    3. Discount policy

    4. Money Back Guarantee (Refund Policy)

    5. Revision Policy

    6. Verification Policy

1.1.General information

Weoffer custom writing services to everyone who is in need of aprofessionally writing. We have developed several websites.


  • http://www.bestcustomwriting.com/

  • http://www.wiseessays.com/

  • http://www.the-essays.com/

Theabove-mentioned clients’ websites are fairly similar to each other,all of them contain the following sections:

  • Information about the company

  • Description of our services

  • Pricing

  • Blog – where customers can find useful information about guidelines, writing tips etc (frequently asked questions in chat are regarding topics for essays and writing advices – so better advise customer to go to our blog and send the link for it)

  • FAQ

  • Terms and Conditions ( the most important from this section is:

  1. refund policy ( will be discussed later in lesson)

  2. revision policy (request for FREE revision can be submitted ONLY within 14 days of Order deadline)

  • Order form

  • Contact information

1.2.Place an order

Whileplacing an order, client should go through several steps:

  1. Order Quote

Herecustomer‘sshould type all necessary information about his/her order.

PleaseNOTE that the price at our websites increases under the influence of6factors:

  1. Academic level (High School, College, Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD)

  2. Deadline (From 6 hours up to 10 days)

  3. Number of pages (IMPORTANAT our standard page is 275 words double-spaced, so in case customer wants single-spaced he/she needs to pay double price)

  4. Type of paper (essay, research paper, case study etc)

  5. Extras (Top writer, summery, plagiarism report, outline)

  • Usually our customers orders Writing from scratch – a writer has to conduct the required research and complete the assignment according to the client`s instructions. We also have orders for Editing/Proofreading – a customer uploads a completed assignment and writer has to edit it or proofread it according to client`s comments. The main objective of this type of service is to check the paper for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Price for this type of work is lower than for writing from scratch. Important: When we receive an order for editing/proofreading, we need to check a file provided by the client since it may contain private information.

Pleasenote that customer should put discount code here. In case, customerhas problems with discount code, we can apply it from our side, justfinding his/her order in system by number/id.

  1. Contact information

Onstep 2 if a client is a new one, he/she should fill in the personalinformation in order to create an account on our website. Forexisting customers, there is an option to log in.

  1. Order details.

Onthis step customer must provide his order details. Important!If customerhas additional materials that the writer has to consider (books,pictures, instructions), he/she should upload after payment by goingto his/her account. Alternatively, he/she can fax or e-mail them tous. IF THE FILE IS 50 MB + and customer’s has problems withuploading the file, please offer him/her to upload it throughdropbox.com.

3. Payment.

Afterfilling in all necessary information, client is supposed to proceedpayment.

Important!Weprovide only pre-paid services. So in order for us to proceed withthe work on the order the client must pay first. BUTThere are single cases when we allow customer to pay later ( forexample loyal customer who has 200 orders and has temporary problemswith credit card etc) We discuss such cases together before allowingthe customer to pay later.

1.3.Discount policy

Thereare several types of discounts:

  • One-time discounts

Canbe used only 1 time.

Specialoffers we have currently on our website.

Loyalcustomers are informed about them via email.

  • First /Second orders discounts

Firstorder – 20% Second -25%


-can be used unlimited number of times by one client:



Pleaseread about our program herehttp://www.bestcustomwriting.com/affiliate-programand be prepared for the questions in chat )

Sometimescustomer’s asking us or even begging us to give them discount forthe order. We can give them 10-15% discount and generate the code inour system by going to SystemManager/ Promo discounts. Higherdiscounts can be also given on support’s consideration. Pleasealso note that this discount has their “term” – 24 hours, afterthat code expire.

1.4.Money Back Guarantee (Refund Policy)

Clientis eligible for a 100% refund in case of:

  • Payment mistake (identical orders, double payment, etc).

  • Writer was not found.

  • We have failed to deliver the paper in time and client does not need the order anymore as the deadline has passed. (Does not apply to revisions).

  • Instructions were fully not followed by the writer

WEDO NOTmake 100% refund in cases:

  • Customer is not satisfied with the grade ( we do not guarantee the grades)

  • Customer is not satisfied with product since it just not meets his expectations.

  • Customer used the paper and now wants refund

1.5.Revision Policy

Weprovide our customers with freerevisionsif revision comments meet the following conditions:

  • Revision instructions do not contradict the initial ones.

  • Revision request was submitted within 14 days of Order deadline

Incase, free revision deadline is over, customer can pay extra for theExtendedRevision Requests.

1.6.Verification Policy

Verification policyis a procedure of verification of customer’s phone number in orderto avoid fraud attempts and as a results chargebacks (Thecharge a credit card merchant pays to a customer after the customersuccessfully disputes an item on his or her credit card statement.)

Customerverification divides into three parts:

1)Verification of contact phone number

2)Verification of billing phone number

3)Billing card

Thegeneral verification depends on these three parts. So for example, ifone of three phone numbers has status reached– general status of verification will also have the status reached.



Phone (contact):&nbspnot passed

Phone (billing):&nbspnot passed

Billing (CC details):&nbspnot passed

Sometimeswe need to verify customer’s payment for a specific order. Thisprocedure is needed to make sure that client is theactual cardholder. In this case we need to ask customer to takefollowing steps:

Stepsto payment verification:

      1. Take a credit card and ID document

      2. Take a photo of a card or an ID

      3. Send pictures to support agents.