Organizational Structure essay



Organizationalstructure refers to the way individuals, departments, and managementwork together within an organization to attain the goals andobjectives set by an organization (Aquinas, 2010). Also,organizational structure can refer to the way tasks are allocated andhow supervision and coordination are carried out by an organizationwith an aim of achieving the goals set in the workplace (Aquinas,2010). There are various forms of organizational structures whichinclude simple, functional, hierarchical, and divisional.

Organizationalculture is a system of shared beliefs, assumptions, and values thatdirect how people will carry themselves in an organization. Thesecollective values outline how people are thought to behave, dress,and carry out their duties in their workplaces. Differentorganizations have different cultures. People in an organization areexpected to adjust their behavior to be in line with the culture oftheir organization. Organizational culture consists of sevencharacteristics which are stability, fairness orientation,aggressiveness, achievement orientation, teamwork, attention todetails, and innovation (Aquinas, 2010).

Inmy workplace, we apply the simple organizational structure. In thiscase, the leaders are charged with most responsibilities and controlin the organization. The team leaders are the ones who controlentirely every activity. Most employees are flexible and have thenecessary skills to perform duties. The communication between theemployees and the team leaders, supervisors, and managers, is usuallytransparent. However, the director of the company has the final sayon matters of the company. The structure affects the fairnessorientation characteristic of an organizational culture. There isfairness in the structure which is mostly realized through thetransparent communication. Employees are given equal chances to airtheir grievances and give their opinions. Also, in the organization,there is minimal pressure when employees are working, and this favorsthe innovation characteristic of organizational culture becauseemployees are more innovative when under minimal work pressure thanwhen under a lot of pressure. Therefore, the structure affectsemployees’ culture in a positive way.


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