Operating Systems Apple, Windows and Linux. essay

OperatingSystems: Apple, Windows and Linux.

OperatingSystems: Apple, Windows and Linux

Therehas existed a raging debate between the dedicated followers of Appleproducts and those of Microsoft on which operating system is superiorbetween the two. A PC is a term used to refer to computers that runon the Windows operating system whereas Macintosh commonlyabbreviated as Mac is the branding of the computers designed andmarketed by Apple Inc. There are significant differences betweenthese two operating systems in virtually all their operations. Mostnotable differences are in the type of software they use, whereas MacOS X uses Safari web browser, the PC Windows use Microsoft edgebrowser. Whereas Mac OS X uses iWork (Numbers) in spreadsheetsoftware, the PC Windows uses excel. Whereas the word editor for MacOS X is iWork (pages), the PC windows use the word. The differencescan go on and on, but the question of which one is better remainssubjective.

Thereis a third force that rivals Mac OS X and PC Windows which are knownas Linux. But is Linux considered better the supporters of Linux sayit’s cheap, it has rapidly evolved, the ability to load live CD.It`s sturdy shell also allows for standard administration andconfiguration of tasks. Moreover, Linux also provides multipledesktops. This in some way makes it attractive than the duo.

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Frommy perspective, Linux gives relatively more attractive offerscompared to the Apple and Microsoft windows. The problem is thatpeople tend to be resistant to changes, and this is one factor thathas constantly overshadowed the Linux. It is, therefore, imperativethat people overcome this resistance and explore what Linux offers.

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WhereasI agree that Windows is adorable more so when it has been used for along time over the years, the facts raised in the video on its appsin comparison to Mac X points to a contrary opinion. It is clear thatthe Mac has got a broad range of apps. For gaming, Mac still standsout.


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