Opening Case essay


Whenan organization implements any change, it is important to know thatit does not happen swiftly and that there are various factors whichmust be addressed to successfully implement it. These are problems ofanxiety of the unknown and the need to maintain a status quo. Thus,for the management to overcome this, they must motivate the employeesto be part of the change plan. An organizational change which hasboth the support of top leadership and its employees will be easilyassimilated. It is thus important to incorporate the personalinterest of individuals with those of organization. Also, thequestion regarding the reasons for a change should be addressed withclarity to provide a clear direction of the organization.

Weunderstand that the change intended to be implemented in Extrusion,involves changing the organization structure and employees’responsibility. Which intervention would best solve the problem understudy? One that tackles both the social and technical aspect of theorganization would be the best pick. Sociotechnical systems focus onperformance, workflow, task accomplishment and the social demands,thus it is an all-inclusive intervention approach. Commitment shouldstart from the top management to employees and necessary reward givento employees. Also, necessary training should be provided which aidsa smooth transition. Sociotechnical intervention approaches thechange from an organizational perspective articulating its vision andmission and the road map to their attainment.


Thus,when handling change, it is important we address why a change ishappening, motivate employees through necessary means and align theinterest of the organization with those of individual. Also, takenote of the challenges you might face. Finally, able leadership isnecessary for a successful transformation.


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