Only one man assassinated jfk essay

Many stories have been told that another man aside from Lee Oswald killed the President JFK that day (Chomsky, 4). The Lee Oswald theory states that only one man killed President John F. Kennedy. There have been many stories stating that more than one man engineered the story. In fact, Jim Garrison’s book on the JFK theory that another man participated was made into a money making movie. The Jim Garrison theory states that Lee Oswald was assisted by another person who shot President John F Kennedy.

Garrison even went further as to say that the Lee Oswald did not know that another person was hired to kill the President simultaneously with Lee Oswald. Garrison went on to say that the other killer was strategically placed in another building from where Lee Oswald was caught. However, the Warren Commission came out with its decision that only one man was involved in this crime. The warren commission based its findings on all evidences brought before it. The following paragraphs will prove that only Lee Oswald was involved in the JFK assassination. BODY John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman.

First, the Warren Commission found that there was only one gunman, Lee Oswald, who assassinated the president. The Warren Commission found that there was only one gunman, Lee Oswald, who assassination of JFK. The Warren Commission offered to accept any evidence to show that Lee Oswald, another John Doe or a conspiracy between two persons that may include Lee Oswald in 1964. However, No one arrived to show proof that the theory that Lee Oswald was the lone gunman was wrong. A Gallup Survey done in 2002 show that more than seventy percent of the interviewees still believe that Warren Commission was wrong.

Lets face it, opinions cannot convict a person. Only cold hard evidence can send a person to jail. And no one until today has presented enough evidence to prove that the Warren Commission finding was wrong. However, no one approached the Warren Commission to show photographs or eyewitness reports stating that Lee Oswald was assisted by another person in order to ensure that the killing would be successful. This only proves beyond reasonable doubt that no one can prove until this day in the year 2007 that indeed another person aided Lee Oswald in his crime.

The murder by nightclub owner Jack Ruby of Lee Oswald shows how angry the people were for this killing. This only shows that many of the people were really mad at Lee Oswald. This anger caused one person to reap revenge on Lee Oswald. After waiting for a long time for someone to present additional evidences of another story that would refute the one lone man assassinator theory, The Warren Commission Could not wait any longer. Thus, the Warren Commission finding that there was only one gunman, Lee Oswald, who assassinated JFK. This Warren Commission finding made many people angry.

For, many of the people thought that the Warren Commission had did not tell the truth. They felt that the Warren Commission made a mock investigation in order to cover up the real story that two or more persons had shot John F Kennedy. In fact, others felt that Lee Oswald was the fall guy because only he was caught by the police authorities. (Fetzer, 82). Further, the autopsy evidence showing that more than one bullet entered JFK’s body does not prove that two or more persons shot the president.

The full metal jacketed Mannlicher -Carcano (MC), 6. 5 mm bullets only shows that there more than one bullet entered his body. Also, the statistical calculations done by the forensic experts here does not conclude that more than one person shot the president. Thier calculations where other bullets were found at the Dealey Plaza that fateful day clearly shows that there were five shots fired only. These five bullets prove that they all come from one gun held by Lee Oswald, the lone assassin (Randrich and Grant,717). The Neutron activation research done found that only two bullets hit JFK and both bullets came from Lee Oswald’s gun(Sturdivan & Rahn, 215).

These two professional refereed journals explain in detail that the there were only two bullets that felled President John F. Kennedy. Also, the evidences stating that all the two bullets extracted from John F. Kennedy’s body was only type and that only the gun brought to the crime scene by Lees Oswald was the source of the deadly bullets. Also, three other bullets recovered from the crime scene shows that these three stray bullets are similar to the two bullets found in President John F. Kennedy’s body upon autopsy.

Thus, sciences proves that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Furthermore, the Jim Garrison Story made into a movie failed in Court. Jim Garrison made book showing evidences that there was more than one person who shot and killed JFK that day. This was one of factors that have swayed many people to think that Jim Garrison’s story was true. In fact, a movie producer made money making his book into a movie. But, he wrote his JFK assassination books only after his failure to prove in court that there was another man also shot JFK.

His so called evidences presented in his book was not enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt his theory(Moor, 1). Here, Jim Garrison resorted to publishing and selling in his book that John F. Kennedy was killed by two or more men that include Lee Oswald. For, he was dismayed that his evidences were not good enough to prove that another person was posted in another building. CONCLUSION: There are many stories that two or more persons assassinated JFK. One theory states that only Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

There are so many other theories of who killed and why he was killed. But, at the end of the day, the theory that is backed up by hard facts and evidences will always outlive the theories that do not have enough facts and materials to sway the people to believe their side of the story on the President John F. Kennedy killing. Evidently, after presenting the above literature evidences, there is no doubt that only Lee Harvey Oswald Assassinated the President. For, the stories about another person participating in the crime has not been proven by concrete evidence in both the Warren Commission.

Even Jim Garrison was not able to prove this two person conspiracy in a court of law resorting to his writing a book. In fact, there is suspicion that Jim Garrison only invented his theory so that he could make lots of money selling his book and earn royalty from the JFK assassination movie based on his JFK assassination book.

References: Randrich, E, Grant, P. , Proper Assessment of the JFK Assassination Bullet Lead Evidence from Metallurgical and Statistical Perspectives, Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol 51, No. 4, 7 (2006) pp. 717 -728