Online College Algebra Math110 Class essay

OnlineCollege Algebra Math110 Class

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OnlineCollege Algebra Math110 Class

Thebest thing about the OnlineCollege Algebra Math110 Classis the fact that there are tutorial support sessions. The onlineclass also offers illustrative examples and exercises, which providestep-by-step hints and tests that enabled me to prepare well for theexam. Although the questions in the exercises are quite challenging,practicing on how to tackle them has been very beneficial, and haseven pushed me to love algebra. For improvement to make the classeven better, there should be a social forum where students areallowed to discuss some questions, which they find challenging duringtheir practice. This will be a good way of interacting, just like ina normal classroom setting, and will be beneficial in learning.

Tohelp myself learn, I made sure that I did multiple questions each dayto gauge my ability in solving the algebraic equations. I strived toimprove my points after every test. I also consulted my peers andinstructors for assistance on the complicated equations, since thisis a better learning method.

Whathinders me from learning is the fact that I quickly give up once Irealize that the equations are getting tougher. However, for betterachievements, giving up should never be an option. The best thingthat I should do in such situations is to seek for assistance so asto gain better skills of solving such problems.

Iwill make sure that I always attend to all the exercises posted inthe online class, and practice on the given examples so as to improvein algebra. Frequent exercising is known to be the best way ofimproving one’s mathematical skills. Therefore, I will develop aroutine of exercising on algebraic equations. I will also consult myinstructors for help in tasks that seem tough for me so as to gain abetter understanding of how to work them out.